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Angie Linder

August 13, 2017 Dear Editor: At the top of my personal agenda right now, is to save our Gladbrook-Reinbeck School. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

August 13, 2017 Dear Editor, A few years ago our city used the Institute of Public Affairs from the University of Iowa to help chart the city’s direction for the futur. more »»

Sasha Nagle

August 13, 2017 Dear Editor, There is a house in Gladbrook that is located on west Johnston St. this house has a "save GR" in the front yard next to a big rock. This house is min. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

August 6, 2017 Dear Editor, It is hard to imagine Gladbrook taxpayers agreeing to donate $180,000.00 to the Reinbeck daycare expansion effort but that’s what they did through the G-R School Board. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

July 30, 2017 Dear Editor, When it comes to loading the deck, check out one of our city council member’s plays. He was originally on the day care board and the city council. more »»

Andrew Hommel

July 16, 2017 Dear Editor, Looking for something to do with your family or friends? You should come to the Grundy County Fair, July 18-23 in Grundy Center. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

July 9, 2017 Dear Editor, I received an anonymous letter this past week telling me how I got all the information wrong about the day care and how the city should spend its limited dollars on the day care because... more »»

Kate Schildroth

July 2, 2017 Dear Editor, In response to Ray Rannfeldt’s last Letter to the Editor - NO, I will not contact the Reinbeck City Council members to ask them to rescind their vote supporting the Day Care expansion. more »»

Joy Thiel

June 25, 2017 Dear Editor, HOORAY! for Reinbeck and the City Council. I don’t want our town to become a bedroom community of senior citizens. I want our community to gro. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

June 25, 2017 Dear Editor, Know The Numbers All city financial information is available to Reinbeck citizens City assets of Reinbeck is obligated to maintain by law Sewer disinfection system (due 2018) ... more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

June 18, 2017 Dear Editor After hearing of the City Council’s approval of the daycare expansion request for nearly $200,00. more »»

Gail Fink

May 28, 2017 Dear Editor, This letter is in reply to Anne Boyer’s editorial. I agree completely with Ray Rannfeldt’s repl. more »»

Marilyn Klinghammer

May 28, 2017 Dear Editor, “This is a really nice community.” That is what our insurance adjuster said as he got out of his car. I told him I?agreed. We aren’t from here, but we love it. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

May 21, 2017 Dear Editor, This editorial is in response to Ann Boyer’s recent editorial and relates to her analysis of the daycare expansion proposal, our City Council’s decision making skills and Ann’s... more »»

Anne Boyer

May 8, 2017 Dear Editor, I’m sure most if not all have seen the great Reinbeck commercials running on TV. more »»

Stacy Hartmann

April 23, 2017 Dear Editor, Each year, 22 billion gallons of toxic, untreated waste are discharged onto our land from the thousands of corporate-sponsored hog confinements across the state. more »»

Rosie Partridge

April 23, 2017 Dear Editor, Counties across Iowa are taking a stand on factory farms. More and more boards of supervisors are calling for a factory farm moratoriu. more »»

Patty Beiner

January 8, 2017 Did you ever love someone who was disabled? Did you ever have trouble finding them sufficient housing? John Hansen’s sister Tammy, my best friend died at the early age of 58 before John could get a... more »»

Barb Kalbach

January 8, 2017 Dear Editor, The issues we care most about are under attack. more »»

Jim Anderson

October 30, 2016 Dear Editor, Everyone loves to toot their own horn. The ones who toot the loudest and longest are more like clanging gongs or crashing cymbals. more »»

Colin McBee

October 30, 2016 Dear Editor, The current presidential campaign has presented us with two “deplorable” candidate. more »»



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