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Pattie Bailey

August 2, 2015 Dear Editor and Fans of G-R, It’s only July, but it’s been a long year. The members of the G-R School Board have spent countless hours considering all factors while making decisions to help save G-. more »»

Mrs. Bailey

July 26, 2015 Dear Editor: To 4-B Kids: I wasn’t sure how to reach all of you - hopefully some of you will see the Northern Sun and the Courier and will let others know to read about This-and-That. more »»

Darin King

July 5, 2015 Dear Editor, I read a recent Letter to the Editor penned by our GR educator, Mr. Bruce Bailey. His letter was dated on May 24th and was about the May 6th Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board meeting. more »»

Bruce J. Bailey

May 24, 2015 Dear Editor, Wednesday evening, (May 6th) I attended the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board meeting. I was interested in several of the topics that were being discussed and voted on that evenin. more »»

Michele Knaack

April 19, 2015 Dear Editor, Friday Night Rebel Football at the Pit, Courtside Rebel Pride during basketball season, Jazz Show Superstars, these are just a few of things that could be lost if our district dissolve... more »»

Jan Schultz

March 15, 2015 Dear Editor, It is my prediction (opinion) that by the time the current preschoolers are in high school, if not sooner, the Gladbrook-Reinbeck school system is going to need a one building school du... more »»

Jack C. Boyer

February 23, 2015 Dear Editor, Superintendent Holloway and Board Members of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Community School District, I am writing this to express my appreciation for the work that each of you has endured... more »»

Tom Boheman

February 23, 2015 Dear Editor, Those of us not living in a cave are most likely aware of the fact the GR school district currently finds itself in a bit of a sticky wicket regarding finances. more »»

Deb Thede

February 23, 2015 Dear Editor, I would like to address the G-R board members. You have done an excellent job, sitting through all the board meetings, community meetings, and answering questions over and over again. more »»

Anne Boyer

February 15, 2015 Dear Editor, 5 years ago I was living in Cedar Falls. Truthfully, I loved it. Close to work, fun activities, a lot of parks, entertainment, shopping and we were part of a great community. more »»

Keith Sash

February 15, 2015 February is sure coming in like a lion - hope it goes out like a lamb and March has a better start. It’s the first day of February and we have 8 to 10 inches of snow with 20 to 40 mph winds. more »»

Guillaume Williams

February 15, 2015 Dear Editor, Reinbeck citizens to lose right to vote for Park Board member due to the inaction of Reinbeck City Council In July and again in October 2014, resignations were accepted by the Reinbeck... more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

February 15, 2015 Dear Editor, This letter is to the citizens of Reinbeck and is a request. more »»

Herman Lenz

February 8, 2015 Dear Editor, Would that hunter harassment law stand constitutional challenge? See the Iowa Constitution , article 1 bill of rights section 6. more »»

Deanna Schmidt-Davis

February 1, 2015 Dear Editor, WE ARE G-R! Many years ago when the Gladbrook and Reinbeck schools decided to consolidate it was an emotional issue. Many folks from Gladbrook did not want it to happen. more »»

Carolyn Moe

February 1, 2015 Dear Editor, Build Community with Three Simple Rules In my December reflection, I referenced a small book called, Three Simple Rules by Bishop Rueben P. Job. more »»

A letter to the Editor from the Hawkeye Community College Executive Board Members of the Hawkeye Professional Educators Association (HPEA)

January 25, 2015 Dear Editor, A letter to the Editor from the Hawkeye Community College Executive Board Members of the Hawkeye Professional Educators Association (HPEA): The HPEA Executive Board Faculty members... more »»

Michele Knaack

January 25, 2015 Dear Editor, Our children spend eight hours a day, five days a week with the same group of kids and teachers. Their school is their second family. more »»

Chad Mussig

December 21, 2014 Dear Santa, It’s that time of year again. I know that you have received Christmas letters from my children already, but this year I really would like you to give consideration to me, a GR parent. more »»

Rick Gersema

December 21, 2014 They called us “NIMBYs” As I sit down to put some thoughts on paper about a very deep concern that is very close to my families heart, I keep reflecting on something that was said about me and a... more »»



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