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Ray Rannfeldt

November 26, 2017 Dear Editor, According to city records, there are roughly 850 households living in the Reinbeck area. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

November 19, 2017 Dear Editor, Thanks to Richard Grimm both the city and the school system received generous donations. This was money that came exactly when it was most neede. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

November 12, 2017 Dear Editor, I find it interesting that the building used for Reinbeck’s daycare is owned by the school system (Gladbrook’s building is too. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

November 5, 2017 Dear Editor, Recently there was a very well written editorial that discussed the cost of daycare services. more »»

Michaela Vandersee

November 5, 2017 Dear Editor, No one likes to think about death and dying, but it’s something everyone faces eventuall. more »»

Laura Hommel

October 29, 2017 Dear Editor, In October we celebrate Pork Month. We are fortunate to have access to safe, nutritious and economical pork. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

October 29, 2017 Dear Editor, There is absolutely no logic in the city of Reinbeck donating to the G-R School system daycare expansion. more »»

Pat Greiner

October 22, 2017 Dear Editor, America, land of the beautiful, began with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Patrick Henry quoted, “Give me liberty or give me death. more »»

Matt Pifkin

October 22, 2017 Dear Editor, I will start this off by saying I am not trying to take any sides or show my opinion of the argument being made in the letters from folks about the daycare expansion and its funding... more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

October 22, 2017 Dear Editor, How about all of us not supporting the daycare expansion project through the use of our city tax dollars make our city council change their type of funding for this project? All it take... more »»

Janell Boldt

October 8, 2017 Dear Letters by Ray… I mean to The Editor, For someone who hasn’t attended a single city council meeting in 2017 you sure have a lot to say in the paper! If you feel so strongly about the city’s... more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

October 8, 2017 Dear Editor, I was walking on Main St. yesterday and took stock of what we have. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

October 8, 2017 To Janelle, I mean the Editor: One does not have to attend city council meetings to know what is going on. That’s why meeting minutes are available. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

September 24, 2017 Dear Editor, What could be done with nearly $500,000.00? Reinbeck could/should maintain city obligations already in existence such as: Repair and/or replace all of the cemetery concrete. more »»

The Class of 2018

September 24, 2017 Dear Editor, Open Letter to Mr. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

September 17, 2017 Dear Editor, The Grimm Donations The daycare board asked for money it felt was available from the city due to the Richard Grimm donation to the city. more »»

Anne Boyer

September 10, 2017 Dear Editor, Everyone wins? Please explain to me how destroying one of Iowa’s great school districts allows anyone to win? Mr. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

September 10, 2017 Dear Editor, It is time for us all to make a commitment to our school system. It is extremely important we vote and we vote for no dissolution of the G-R School Syste. more »»

Natasha Paradine

September 3, 2017 Dear Editor: I am writing to you to state my opinion about the dissolution of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District. I do not live in the school district, however I am a senior at GR this year. more »»

Ray Rannfeldt

September 3, 2017 Dear Editor, From the very beginning of my editorial campaign about our city donating to the daycare expansion, I have stated that Reinbeck needs a daycare. more »»



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