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Foreign exchange student

February 4, 2012
Cole Goos - G-R student , Reinbeck Courier

Our foreign exchange student this year's name is Stanko Ljubanic. He comes from a town called Jagodina, Serbia. Serbia is located around the countries Romania, Bosnia, Hungry and Bulgaria to give you an idea of where it's located. Stanko is turning 18. His host parent is Mary Hurley while he's staying here in America Some of you probably know her.

Stanko's school that he goes to in Serbia has a building that is smaller than G-R'.s Also, the number of students he thinks are larger here than where he goes to school.

As for the foods of Serbia they are pretty much the same as foods found in America. There aren't any exotic foods that you will find. The one thing that's different about the foods are Serbians like to have more spiced foods and ones with a "stronger" taste. They also like to have homemade foods that include meats and vegetables that are grown organically. In America most of our foods are with concentrates and artificial fertilizers. When Americans go to Serbia they usually love the cuisine.

The one thing Stanko doesn't like about America is that the majority of the young people have no interest in anything that's out of their daily life and concerns. Also he feels that America is so developed and that we are an advanced country, but we use it for the wrong things. Like technology, we have it and we just use it merely for fun. We don't notice what's around us and the outside of the world and we're so focused on the technology. Stanko is more mature than most of us and he's really is all about his future and takes it seriously.

Stanko is really proud of his country and that is a very good thing. One of the things that he is most proud of is its rich legacy, and long history. He also says that he is proud of their language, their mentality and characteristics. He feels that it is sad that our generation doesn't care about our American history and what we are founded on and that we will lose our legacy and heritage.

Stanko has been involved in a lot at G-R. He is involved in our high school band and is determined to become better in his music. Also Stanko was involved in cross country. Stanko is involved with Foreign Friends. Stanko can speak different types of languages and he wants to learn a lot more. He knows most of the languages from Germanic, Norse and Slavic groups. He is mostly interested in mythology and old European pagan beliefs. There also is rhetoric, philosophy, theology - things that you can discuss or debate about. Stanko is involved in a band back in Serbia and they are planing to do some great things with it. His band is called Frosted Forest and they play music that is generally Heavy Metal and Folk-themed music. They combine distorted guitars, double-pedal drum blast beats and growl vocals with instruments like flutes, violins, mandolins, etc. Their goal is to create a sound that is powerful, strong, and heavy but in the same time deeply melodic and subtle. The one thing that Stanko is really focusing on when he's done with his schooling is getting into law. His dad owns a law firm and he wants to keep the family business running. He either wants to be a lawyer, judge, or anything else that involves law. He is determined to accomplish something, or know he's done something good each day.

Stanko thinks that America is just what he expected it to be, "a great experience." Stanko has met a lot of new people and he also has improved his English. He thought one thing he didn't expect was the ridiculous questions he was asked. For example, "Do students in Serbia ride horses to school? Do they have computers and Ipods in Serbia?" Overall Stanko is a good person and is going to succeed in life and came to America for a good reason.



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