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September 30, 2012
Shelby Yates - G-R student , Reinbeck Courier

What Gladbrook-Reinbeck club cares about the Earth? What club plants trees? What club recycles? What club picks up trash? What activity teaches others about going green? Still don't know...why, it's RENOVATION. Never heard of it; well, let me tell you what we do! Renovation is a club that focuses on saving the planet one step at a time by making this Earth a cleaner, better place to live.

In the past, Renovation has taken part in the Trees Forever Organization in Gladbrook by planting trees at Union Grove. You may have past through the high school halls during fall season last year and saw ceiling dcor of stringed plastic bottles. They were the representation that every year, 39 billion plastic bottles aren't recycled. In April, the week of Earth Day, we traveled to the Reinbeck Elementary School and educated third and fourth graders about recycling, pollution, planting trees, and how they can go green.

We are hoping to create a specific topic to focus on each month throughout the school year. In more depth, each month we would create a visual aid for the school, complete a community service project, take an educational field trip, and/or give a presentation that would focus on one problem that our society has created for the earth. Our topics would include: pollution, tree planting, reducing and reusing, recycle versus trash, and easy ways to go green.

All of us want and need a cleaner Earth, and we're willing to step and make a change for the better!



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