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Brian Andersen

November 5, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

To the Editor:

In this election season I want to encourage my Grundy County neighbors to get out and support our public servants, either through early voting or visiting your local polling site on Tuesday, November 6th.

In Grundy County we are truly blessed with individuals who embody the servant spirit in their duties, and I hope you will join me casting your vote for these neighbors and friends who may be on your ballot: Auditor Rhonda Deters, Sheriff Rick Penning, Supervisor Jim Ross of rural Eldora, Supervisor Chuck Bakker of Dike, and Supervisor Barbara Smith of Grundy Center.

Next, please support Congressman Pat Grassley for Iowa House. Mr. Grassley is a hard worker and faithful representative of values we hold dear in Grundy County: caring for our neighbors, caring for the land, and efficient stewardship of our tax dollars. We need wise voices like Congressman Grassley's in Des Moines as the legislature embarks upon critical topics such as property tax reform in the upcoming session.

Next, please cast your opinion on the retention of the Iowa Supreme Court. This is our one chance to offer input into the manner which these public servants uphold their judicial responsibilities, so please take advantage.

I am truly excited redistricting has given us the opportunity to be represented in Washington, D.C. by such a faithful servant to Iowa, and to the Constitution as Congressman Steve King. Mr. King was an entrepreneur before he was a public servant, so he knows the hard work and tireless effort required to make a business successful. Since joining the Iowa Senate in 1996 and then the U.S. Congress in 2003, Congressman King has staunchly upheld our founding principles of limited government and personal liberty. In Washington, Congressman King has sought less to make friends but more to stand up for these principles we hold dear, regardless of party politics from all sides. Please send Steve King back to Washington to represent Grundy County for U.S. House District 4.

Lastly for President, please support Governor Mitt Romney and his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan. Governor Romney's life experience in the private sector and public service proves he is uniquely qualified to lead this country back to prosperity and fiscal discipline. Governor Romney understands government is not an adversary of businesses and job creators, but a partner. As President, he will seek to open markets to our citizens, which supports our agricultural economy and Iowa job creators. Governor Romney knows people create businesses and jobs, not government. Governor Romney understands that real peace is only achieved when America is strong our leadership and strength must never be in doubt. We cannot continue borrowing from tomorrow to pay for today. The debtor is slave to the lender, and we deserve someone in the White House who doesn't merely talk about balancing budgets, but has a track record of doing that like Governor Romney.

Please cast your ballot November 6th.


Brian Andersen

Chair, Grundy County Republicans Central Committee

Reinbeck, IA



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