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New intern at the Reinbeck Courier

December 16, 2012
Emily Snider - Editorial Assistant Intern , Reinbeck Courier

Snider! This is the nickname that is most often used by my coaches and teammates. My name is Emily Snider and I am a senior who is just beginning an internship with the Reinbeck Courier. The easiest way to describe myself would be by informing you about my athletic involvement, future plans for college, hobbies, and the person that I would most enjoy meeting.

People know me best for my participation on the local soccer, basketball and softball teams. Soccer is my favorite sport, and I plan to pursue it at a collegiate level. Not only do I play on the local sports teams, but I also play on a club soccer team through FC Midwest Soccer Academy. One of the most unforgettable experiences I have had with this team was when we played Sweden at a tournament in Minnesota.

My future plans include attending a private college, preferably Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Cornell captured my interest through the unique way that students take classes there. They do something called OCAAT. This stands for One Course At A Time, and you take the same class everyday for three and a half weeks. After you take the class for the three and a half week block, you will start a whole new class. I heard about this unique opportunity that Cornell offers, so I thought I would pay a visit. The visit was great, and I have been back to campus multiple times to watch the soccer team.

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Other than sports, a few things that I enjoy are reading, hanging with friends and growing in my faith. I attend St. Gabriel Catholic Church, and I enjoy attending church and volunteering at the events that we hold. Reading is something that I have always enjoyed, I enjoy reading books about almost anything. These are just a handful of the other things that I enjoy doing in my free time.

One of my dreams is to attend a United States Women's National Team soccer game. My favorite player on the team is Tobin Heath, and she is my favorite because of her ball handling skills and selflessness on the field. If I could choose to meet anyone, I would pick Tobin Heath in a heartbeat.

This is just a bit about me, and the things that I enjoy doing. These are the sports that I participate in, my plans for college, the things that I enjoy doing in my free time and my favorite player on the United States Women's National Soccer Team. I am extremely excited about my opportunity to write articles for the Reinbeck Courier. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the business, and get some experience within the field.



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