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New Year resolutions

December 30, 2012
Emily Snider - Editorial Intern , Reinbeck Courier

What comes to mind when you think about everything you have experienced, regretted and learned in 2012? You may have accomplished many things, or maybe you had a tough year. Regardless of what happened, the new year gives us a chance for a fresh start. We can specifically state our fresh start by initiating a New Year resolution. The most common New Year resolutions are losing weight, quitting smoking, save money, get a better job and volunteer more often.

I asked some students, in the high school, what their resolutions will be, and I received an array of answers. There were answers from cutting down on junk food to being happier. Aaron Shouse stated that his New Year's resolution was, "Carpe Diem (Seize the day). Every day is different, and the best way to seize the day is to make every day like it's your last." This is a great New Year's resolution that we all need to work on, and remember to never take anything for granted. There were students that responded with the resolution of doing better in school, and cutting down on procrastination. Gladbrook-Reinbeck can expect some excellent students in the year of 2013.

John M. Grohol, of Psych Central, gives us five easy tips on how to keep your New Year's resolutions. The first one is to pick realistic goals, so if we know that we won't be able to keep it, we should probably pick a different one. The second tip is to define those goals. This means that you need to write them down somewhere so that you will see them often. Set a schedule is the third suggestion, and by this he means that you should set times that you will make the small changes. The fourth suggestion is that you shouldn't be upset by setbacks, and this just shows us that all humans make mistakes, but we need to react positively to them. The last one is to enlist additional help or support. You can find support from many people whether it is professional, family members, or a friend, there are always people to help. These are just a few New Year's resolutions and tips on how to keep them. Good luck with your resolutions and the fresh start that you can make in the new year.



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