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Ways to avoid getting sick

January 13, 2013
Emily Snider - Editorial Intern , Reinbeck Courier

Isn't it frustrating to get sick when there is so much still to be done? There are a few things that you can do to try to avoid getting sick during these winter months. Whether it is just a common cold or influenza, there are many ways to avoid this. The ways that you can avoid getting sick are washing your hands properly, eating appropriate foods, and receiving the acceptable amounts of exercise and fresh air.

A quick rinse every once in awhile is not enough to assure that you don't get sick. The correct way to wash your hands is in luke warm water, and using soap. It is recommended that you either count to 15 or sing the ABC's. Make sure that you cover all areas including under the fingernails and in between all of your fingers. Focusing on the thumb area is also advised because it is an area that is commonly missed by many. This is how you are supposed to properly wash your hands.

Eating healthy is something that should always be done, but it is much more important during these chilly winter months. If your body doesn't have the correct nutrients your immune system will not be as strong as it potentially could be. Taking vitamins can help, but it is much better for your body to eat the foods with the vitamins in it. Fresh clementines can be extremely beneficial because they hold a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients that your immune system needs to remain strong. Overall, making sure that you get all of your vegetables and fruits in your diet will be helpful in fighting off sicknesses.

Exercise is also something that should always be in the daily schedule, but it is hard to get in the winter months when we are cooped up indoors. Ten minutes of brisk walking everyday is a good way to get the amount of exercise and fresh air that your body needs. It is easy to skip your workouts when there is a lot of things to get done, but make it a part of your everyday schedule. Even if you have to wake up a few minutes earlier, make sure you get it done. These are just a few ways that you can make the best attempt at avoiding staying home sick from work or school.



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