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April 14, 2013
Kevin Williams - Grundy County Conservation Director , Reinbeck Courier

Well, spring is here! Kinda. Sort of. Nearly. Hard to believe that it is nearly the middle of April and I'm using those words. Forgetting about extremes like last spring, we certainly do have a little basis to start saying, "Where the heck is Spring?" I know I am not alone in beginning to complain a bit. There are a lot of farmers anxious to be in the fields. My neighbor drove past my house pulling a disc yesterday afternoon and then about an hour later drove back past with it. It didn't look like it had seen any action.

At least as I sit and write these words today it is feeling like spring. The weather forecast says that we will see a couple overnights into the twenties and the word snow was mentioned in there, as well, but for today it is spring. When I stepped outside on the porch this morning the cardinal in my fir tree was singing his little lungs out.

The robins were scurrying all around the yard. They've been back for awhile and come to think about it, the juncos aren't as plentiful around my bird feeder as they have been all winter. There still might be a few around for a bit, but it appears that the hardiest of them have started north. All juncos are pretty hardy in my book when you think that they come down here and decide that our winter is mild enough for them!

The dirt mounds in front of fox and coyote dens are very noticeable this time of year. Their pups should be born and tucked away inside them already. It isn't hard to find a pair of Canada geese or two, or fifty as you drive around the countryside, even more than a few are sitting on nests.

So no matter what is still in store for weather in the next week or two, spring is here. The maple tree in my yard has started to break bud and the grass has just a hint of green. Both are waiting for that first warm thunderstorm waiting to happen.

You can tell that I'm in the spring mode. Why, I think I'll take a walk this afternoon out at Black Hawk Creek Wildlife Area and see if the snow trilliums and bloodroot along the woodland trail are showing themselves and, of course, that starts the visions of morel mushrooms dancing in my head.

Am I ready for spring? I can hardly wait!



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