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September 1, 2013
Bernice Volkens , Reinbeck Courier

With Labor Day coming this weekend I wonder if it should be a day to work or play. I sometimes think I work too much, or is it actually too little, or an idleness I just can't help. However, I don't want my nose so firmly applied to a grindstone that I don't get a chance to smell the flowers. In this world that we live in today, there should be a way to strike a good balance between work and play. In days past, there were many people, including farmers, who spent everyday in back-breaking work. They were lucky if they could have one Sunday of rest. We did just that this weekend by visiting my sister in Muscatine and attending her grandson's wedding. I can say both of us enjoyed the weekend. I saw and was able to visit every niece and nephew, plus great nieces and nephews. Especially the one that was named after my mother, Isabel.

Next Monday is the birthday of Labor Day, originated on September 5, 1882 to honor those who labor or work. I hope each American strives to do their best and to realize on Labor Day hard work makes life a big success. It's a wonderful family day with picnics and celebrations but just don't forget the reason we are honoring this day. Each year it has grown until now it's nothing new. But in the midst of this computer age and all about the smart phones, I'm beginning to wonder if in the year 2095, if we might have a celebration to honor machines instead of human beings, and isn't it nice we have a higher power that is the super-computer of us all and he has the program for the color of hair, eyes, skin and personality qualities that make each of us. We are created with very individual care.

The tomatoes have been a little slow this year, but I hope you have enough. So many people don't just want to make plain tomato juice I compare it to Clamato; It is not only good to drink, but very tasty in soup.


12 tomatoes (24 large)

1 cup chopped carrots

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped onions

4 teaspoon salt

4 Tablespoons lemon juice

2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

dash hot pepper seasoning

Bring to a boil and lower

heat. Cook 25 minutes.

Press through a strainer.

Ladle into quart jars.

Juice should be hot.

Process 5 minutes per

quart in hot water.

"Life brings rewards when we each do our part."



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