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GCMH long term care residents special project

December 8, 2013
Reinbeck Courier

GRUNDY CENTER GCMH Long Term Care resident Mildred Knaack likes to keep busy and enjoys knitting. She has been making dish cloths for family and friends for many years, and now she's made almost 100 of them for the GCMH LTC staff. Mildred has her own special pattern, but she also has adopted another pattern from a good friend. She makes some of each pattern, saying, "I think it's a nice way to remember my friend by using her pattern, too."

The dish cloths are made from cotton yarn donated by the LTC Activity staff. Hollie Beem, LTC Activity Coordinator states, "It is so much fun to see Mildred get excited when we bring her yarn or pick up the finished creations- we always talk about each one, her favorite yarn has multiple colors in the same skein. It's so good for all of us to have a purpose in life, something to do - something to share."

Now the dish cloths are getting ready for their next purpose. Each one has been wrapped into a ball and tied with white tulle. On November 14th, they became the decorations on the GCMH LTC Christmas tree that is displayed at the Lincoln Savings Bank in Reinbeck. On the 19th of December the tree will be picked up and set up again in LTC. Then Mildred's favorite part begins, the GCMH LTC staff will be invited to choose a dish cloth ornament. There are two requirements for accepting this special gift, the signing of a thank card and a hug with a personal thank you for Mildred.

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GCMH LTC resident Mildred Knaack with the GCMH LTC Christmas tree displayed at Lincoln Savings Bank in Reinbeck. Mildred made all the dish cloths that were wrapped into a ball and tied with white tulle that decorated the tree. The tree will be on display at Lincoln Savings Bank until December 18th.

LTC Activity Assistant, Barb Ehrig, states, "We are so proud of Mildred; each dish cloth is beautiful and unique. Even when a person is in a nursing home setting, it's still possible to touch the lives of others. Everyone at any age still has something to give."



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