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The Haunted Clock

January 19, 2014
Sue Eckhoff - Grundy County Heritage Museum , Reinbeck Courier

I recently lost my father. His health had been declining fairly rapidly, and he entered Hospice the day after Thanksgiving. Hospice people were wonderful, but they wanted everything to fit into their timetable. According to that they thought he would live 2-3 months. I said it would be at Christmas. You see my family has a propensity of dying at Christmas time. When I was in college, my grandmother had a stoke on Christmas Eve and died. My uncle had a heart attack on Christmas Eve and died. December 22 they called the family in for Dad, and on December 23 he died, which brings me to the clock story.

My parents had always had this extremely ugly clock. It belonged to my great grandmother. I never knew her, but from what everybody has always said, she was pretty ornery. Somehow my mom inherited the clock when her grandmother died. To my mom's knowledge the clock had never worked and the whole time my parents had it, it had never worked. One evening my parents were sitting in their den talking and the subject of my great grandmother came up. My dad commented that she had always scared the daylights out of him, and at that minute the clock chimed! Freaked them both out!

Fast forward to three years ago. My dad sold his house and had an auction. For some insane reason my husband thought I either liked the clock, or that I needed it. So he spent a WHOLE LOT of money for a clock that I basically hated, and again did I mention, the clock did not work!

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Well, a year later my mom was in a nursing home, and not doing well. My husband was up early working at his desk, and lo and behold the clock chimed. Convinced it was a bad sign, he ran upstairs and told me, and I had the dreadful feeling that something bad was going to happen. My mother died two days later.

My dad's service was held on December 27. After we got home, I took a vase of flowers from the funeral, and put them on the library table next to the clock. You know what's coming now right? Yes, immediately when I set the vase down the clock started chiming! Whereas in the past it only chimed once, this time it was about ten times, all the while I was running around to the kitchen yelling, "The clock's chiming."

That's really the end of the story. It hasn't chimed since then, nor do I expect it to, after all it doesn't work, right? But I will say that I'm superstitious enough that I'm thinking of selling it on Ebay!



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