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Kevin Leyen

February 23, 2014
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Election Year Cop-out?

There are two extremely important bills fighting their way through the Iowa political machine. Both will have grave consequences to ill Iowans. Both bills will determine whether many of them remain Iowans. These bills' main issue is whether an important, misunderstood, crucial drug should be added to a doctor's arsenal of medically prescribed medicines; cannabis. Some of our legislators will NOT form an opinion for fear of an election year. Our granddaughter, Maggie Selmeski is stuck in Colorado but finding amazing results with a 30% improvement in just 3 months while using cannabis oil. Our legislators' lack of action is driving people from our state AND not allowing them back into our state when/if they find relief in medicinal cannabis. Imagine your family, geographically torn apart due to a lack of education on the parts of our legislators. Over 20 states have legalized medical cannabis and have realized the desperate need for this drug in the doctors' arsenal for many debilitating medical issues. Please immediately contact your legislator, and let them know, that IF they cannot do their job on this issue in an election year, we really don't want them any other year!

Sincerely Kevin Leyen, Reinbeck



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