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Garry Klicker

May 25, 2014
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

When it comes to factory farms, the deck is stacked against everyday Iowans. There is no local control of factory farms in Iowa, meaning that the legislature has given the right to decide where factory farms can build to the DNR, not to local people who know the area. No other industry can run roughshod over our quality of life, health, property values, and environment like these corporate hog, cattle and chicken factories.

Even if you don't have a factory farm next to you yet, that doesn't mean you're safe from their stench. Cargill and other big corporations are targeting southeast Iowa for a massive expansion of factory farms this summer. They want to destroy our beautiful countryside with tens of thousands of hogs producing millions of gallons of raw manure.

However, while not having local control makes stopping factory farms hard, there's still hope. As member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, I've seen how everyday people can stand up to these corporate facilities and win. CCI has a twenty-year history of standing up for family farms and taking on factory farms. If you find out a factory farm is moving in next door to you call CCI at 515-282-0484.


Garry Klicker

Bloomfield, Iowa



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