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Finding time to fish

June 4, 2017
Cole Anderson - Grundy County Conservation Naturalist/Technician , Reinbeck Courier

The standard week of an average parent goes a little something like this.. Monday- we have to get Bobby to his baseball game by 5:00 and it gets over at 6:30 so we have to get the kids home and fed and start getting ready for bed. Tuesday- Amy has softball practice at 6:30 so one of us needs to take her. And don't forget she has a game this Thursday in Ackley. Wednesday- hey we have the night off honey what do you want to do? The lawn needs mowed and weed eated and we have to get all the kids uniforms washed. Wait.. Did Bobby have practice tonight? Thursday- Amy's game is tonight but Kyle has practice so who is going to which one? Friday- FINALLY FRIDAY! Let's go somewhere and get out of town for the weekend. Oh wait. Bobby has a game and Amy has practice. At least it's a home game maybe tomorrow. Saturday-Bobby has practice and Kyle has his first game. See you at 2:00. Oh and remember the kids are singing in church tomorrow!

Somewhere along the line someone decided that schedule was fun. Parents don't even have 5 min to breath these days let alone do anything fun. I'm not sure how all of your childhood memories went but I can tell you that mine didn't involve practices and games 4 to 5 nights a week.

Most of mine involve the outdoors. Mainly camping, fishing and hiking. These are memories I would love for my own children to have but it seems almost impossible with the schedules we have to keep up with. I want my kids to not only learn how to fish but create positive memories at a young age so they keep doing it as an adult and hopefully teach their kids someday.

I remember getting so excited to go catfishing at night. I got to stay up late and drink way more pop than I should. Always trying to out fish my brothers. and I usually did. As I got older I decided largemouth bass were way more fun to catch and I would be annoying the crap out of my dad an hour before sunrise because we had to get out on the water at first light to catch the best bite of the day.

Sadly as I've gotten older I'm finding less and less time to fish but I'm hoping to change that soon and bring my kids along for the ride. I wish I could tell everyone a magic secret that would give you more time to get your kids out fishing but I'm not sure there is one. What I can do is give you an opportunity to create a positive fishing memory with kids this weekend at the Peoples Savings Bank Fishing Derby.

The derby will be held Saturday, June 3rd at the Grundy County Lake. This is a very easy lake to fish with a lot of easy fishing access. Entry fees are only for adults and kids 15 year old and under are FREE! The derby is from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. We give away prizes for biggest bass, pan fish and catfish along with many door prizes. All kids are drawn for door prizes first so there is an extremely good chance that kids will get a prize. This is a catch and release tournament so bring a bucket. Take a break from all the running around and come out fishing. It will be fun!



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