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June 25, 2017
Cole Anderson - Grundy County Conservation Naturalist/Technician , Reinbeck Courier

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy lakes, rivers and streams in Iowa. Some people prefer a speed boat on a big lake or the Mississippi river pulling someone on skis or a tube. Others like to sit quietly in a fishing boat hoping to catch a trophy Walleye or a limit of crappies to take home and fry. Although thousands of people flock to water to ride their speed boats and jet skis, one form of water recreation has been taking the lakes and rivers by storm. KAYAKS!

Kayaking has been around for a long time but over the past several years it seems like you see them everywhere! It used to be that anyone in Grundy County who owned a kayak only owned one because they took it to other parts of the country to enjoy fast rough waters that weren't available locally. Now it seems like everywhere you look you see kayaks.

People have discovered that you can enjoy kayaking even on the smallest bodies of water. Yes, right here in Grundy County. Unlike traditional speed boats, you can use them on small bodies of water and they are much more affordable. You can pick up a kayak at any Walmart or local farm and fleet store for as little as $200. They are also much easier to haul than a canoe due to their smaller size and most can be easily handled by a single person.

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In Grundy County, we started noticing more and more kayaks showing up at our Grundy County Lake Campground. Make a lap through on a Saturday morning and it feels like every other campsite has a couple kayaks lying beside the camper. We commonly see them floating down the creek that runs beside the campground. They also frequent the lake itself, in fact, we began to notice that kayaks would outnumber boats 5 to 1.

An individual from Dike made us aware of something called a kayak launch and sent a video on how they work. A kayak launch is an attachment to a preexisting dock that allows you to easily and safely enter and exit your kayak. It provides a stable and dry access point to get in and out which is great for kids and people whose knees might not quite be what they used to be. It also makes it easy to stay dry if you're heading out in cooler spring and fall weather to do some fishing.

We decided since the kayaks outnumber boats that it would be great to provide them with one of these launches. The launch is located at the Grundy County Lake on the north side attached to the courtesy dock.

It might take a little time for people to figure out that it's there or even what it is. I know once the public starts using it, they won't want to get in without using it. I hope that everyone who uses the lake enjoys it. I hope you're curious about it and invite you to come check it out.

And bring your kayak!



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