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Ray Rannfeldt

July 9, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

I received an anonymous letter this past week telling me how I got all the information wrong about the day care and how the city should spend its limited dollars on the day care because it is the best use of the money. The letter even went so far to say the city should use bonds to pay for city infrastructure repairs and meet operating expenses.

My reply is straightforward: Are you out of your mind?

Why should any city fund itself with a bond when the cash is sitting in reserve? Bonds need to be repaid and, if the city does not have the money now, why do you think it will have it in the future?

This kind of thinking is what placed the city on the edge of the cliff financially. The city cannot afford to take on more debt no matter what a bunch of very vocal day care supporters think. The reason the city council voted to make the donation is simple - they yielded to the squeaky wheel. It is sad the vocal minority won the day but that happens all too often. Those of us opposing the city donation did not attend the council meeting because we thought our council members would vote for the majority of people in this town. They failed to do so and, as earlier stated, reacted to the vocal minority to shut them up.

I remain unchanged in my belief that the city needs to take care of its own needs vs. giving money to something that is not part of the city's obligations. I continue in my belief that the day care is necessary in Reinbeck but that it needs to pay its own way - not sponge off the city, the school and anyone else who thinks we need to continually support it.

It is fully within my character to always take the position that best serves our city which today is to conserve the city's money and let individuals and the day care itself fund the day care expansion. The city has donated enough to the day care already with its donation at the onset of the day care's construction and with the taxes it does not collect from the day care due to its nonprofit status. It is the only nonprofit in town that will be partially funded by the city. That fact alone makes the donation obviously wrong.

As you suggested in your letter, I should donate generously to the day care so I could get a room named after me.

Assumedly you have done so and will get your room but I doubt you will be able to see it since you have been blinded by the day care's misinformation.

Next time sign your name (and learn to spell correctly) so I don't have to use this paper to respond.

Ray Rannfeldt




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