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Ray Rannfeldt

August 20, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

The last information I want to convey about our city funding the daycare is perhaps the most important.

The G-R School System donated their money to only the building in which the Reinbeck daycare resides. This is completely legal since they own the daycare building and can use PPEL money to update any building the district owns. So, in effect, we, the tax payers that already support our school system as we pay our taxes, already have donated to the daycare, albeit it indirectly. Now, our tax dollars are again being donated to the daycare via the taxes we pay to our city that have now been donated to the tune of $180,000.00 by our city council. In the final analysis the daycare receives money from its "customers," from the school system directly in its donation to the building expansion, from grants and other donations, from not paying any taxes due to being a nonprofit and by paying the school system only $1.00 per year for rent. And still they cannot pay for the expansion and must take money from our city that should use its limited dollars to maintain city obligations such as our parks, our cemetery, our city buildings, etc. Maybe you already have this information but to me it was very revealing to find the number of ways we, as taxpayers, already are paying for the daycare. Wow!


Ray Rannfeldt




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