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Ray Rannfeldt

August 27, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Once again I received some letters with no signature except "Concerned Citizens for Reinbeck." They wondered how I could write an editorial about our school board and their unfair treatment of Gladbrook, especially at this critical point in time when with the vote for disillusionment just around the corner. Just remember I do not sit on the G-R School Board and I did not make the vote to fund just the Reinbeck daycare. It is my understanding that the Gladbrook daycare is now asking for school funds to renovate/expand their daycare and that our school board is researching this request but did grant them a small amount, by comparison to Reinbeck's donation, at this most recent School Board meeting. Would it not have been better to simply research both daycares that feed students into the G-R School System and then donate money to both at the same time? I know this is armchair quarterbacking but we must realize that the Gladbrook people are not stupid. They recognized the inequity of Reinbeck's daycare getting more money and their daycare not being funded at the same time. All I did in my editorial was point out that we need to find ways to treat Gladbrook equally. Doing so might just mend some fences and garner some votes to keep our school sharing arrangement. The Concerned Citizens letters also accused me about not being concerned about our town. I have lived in Reinbeck for 40+ years, have sat on our City Council and other boards, have volunteered in countless ways and have financially supported our town's effort to move toward the future. That is true "concern." If you "concerned citizens" are really concerned, why don't you pay for the roof over the fitness center that will not be funded this year due to the lack of city money? Or, why don't you pay for the repair/replacement of the cemetery's concrete drives that won't be funded this year due to the lack of city money? Or, why don't you donate to the city so that our legally obligated updates to the sewer plant can be funded? Don't lecture me on concern unless you first step up and show that concern. I love Reinbeck. I love G-R. I truly am concerned, however, about our city continuing on its path toward financial ruin by donating dollars when it has no dollars available and cannot even fund those critical areas noted above and many, many more.

Best regards,

Ray Rannfeldt




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