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Ray Rannfeldt

September 3, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

From the very beginning of my editorial campaign about our city donating to the daycare expansion, I have stated that Reinbeck needs a daycare. It provides an invaluable service to many of our citizens and is particularly important now because so many of our in-home daycares have ceased to exist. I think we already have a stellar daycare of which our town should be proud.

My criticism has been that the daycare does not pay its own way but relies on school and city support for the most part, that the city has already done and continues to do its part to subsidize the daycare and, most importantly, the daycare should not displace funding for assets the city already owns, ie: our parks, streets, cemetery, etc. I have also criticized our school board for not donating to both Reinbeck and Gladbrook's daycare at the same time so fences could be mended between the two towns. Finally, I have questioned the need for a $1,500,000.00 daycare in a town of 1600 citizens.

In this editorial I am asking would-be donors to ask some very important questions of the daycare board.

1. Since the daycare has been in existence for years, how many new families with children has it drawn to our community?

2. How many new students (those from families not already living in Reinbeck) has the daycare sent into the G-R school system?

3. Why can't the daycare pay for its expansion with the money it receives from grants, donations, the school that owns the building and charges virtually nothing for rent and from the money it takes in from the families that use the daycare?

4. What tax advantage does the daycare provide to Reinbeck, especially knowing it is a non-profit and pays no taxes?

Once you discover the answers to these questions, I hope you will realize that we are all paying for something that may not provide what it claims to provide, or at least does not provide it as implied.

In closing I will restate that I believe Reinbeck needs the daycare and keeping it is of extreme importance. Expanding it is up to you as individuals, not to the city in any regard.


Ray Rannfeldt




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