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Ray Rannfeldt

September 17, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

The Grimm Donations

The daycare board asked for money it felt was available from the city due to the Richard Grimm donation to the city. Richard Grimm left both the city and the school system generous donations to further enhance each of them. Richard divided his donations purposely between the city and the school. It is my belief he did not intend to have his donations to the city go to financially support the school's daycare expansion. The daycare expansion will belong to the school system which, as already mentioned, got money from Richard. He would not have given the money to the city if he expected that money to be used to support the school system. The proponents of the daycare expansion are right that Richard did not donate to the daycare because it did not exist at the time he wrote his will but he did know the school system existed and stipulated his donation to the school system be used as the school system saw fit. He made the same stipulation for the city. Since the daycare expansion is not any part of the city, it is highly unlikely he expected his donation to the city be used for the school system which already got a donation from him. We must always take care in spending donations wisely and with their intent if we hope to continue receiving donations. Those of us that donate to the park, to the American Legion, the fire department, the library, etc. expect that money to be used for each area's specific needs - not be passed on to some other entity. Ask your council members to follow this logic and rescind their vote to, in effect, violate Richard's obvious intentions by misusing his donation to the city.


Ray Rannfeldt




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