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Janell Boldt

October 8, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Letters by Ray I mean to The Editor,

For someone who hasn't attended a single city council meeting in 2017 you sure have a lot to say in the paper! If you feel so strongly about the city's decision whether to donate or not to the daycare, why didn't you attend the June 5 city council meeting? Mayor Tim & administrator Julie invited all residents to attend the council meeting in the city's newsletter (those for & against the donation.) Therefore, you had the opportunity to voice your concerns in an organized fashion like the rest of us, but chose not to. You also have not attended a single meeting since then to express any of your concerns to the council, yet you are urging all the other residents to voice theirs in your weekly letters.

On another note, for someone who hasn't attended a single council meeting, you sure know a lot of information about the city details! It makes me wonder where you are getting all of your particulars from and if they are truly as accurate as you boldly post them in the paper?

In all my wisdom, something tells me you are stewing about this. However, until you have an open mind I'm afraid nothing I say will help you to stop agonizing, but I will try anyway. Dear Ray, let it go. I encourage you to put your energy into something positive for the community from this point forward.

To the rest of the citizens, I promise I didn't write the editor to provoke more letters from Ray. The real reason of my letter is that I would like to encourage all citizens to attend Reinbeck city council meetings. The next one is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 2 @ 5:30 p.m. I have been in attendance regularly and the council members thank me for coming & express how much they enjoy when citizens are present. If you can't or don't want to attend, perhaps just a simple thank you to a council member next time you see one will go a long way. It is a thankless job and I must say Reinbeck is lucky to have a forward-thinking council working together like we do. I hope to see you at the same meeting as me you can turn around and wave, as I'll be in the cheap seats.


Janell Boldt




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