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Ray Rannfeldt

October 8, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

I was walking on Main St. yesterday and took stock of what we have. We have no vacant store fronts!

Then I went to one of the doctor's offices in town and again took stock of what we have: MDs, a dentist, a chiropractor, a healer. Then to the pharmacy and I was once again pleased to know we have it all in Reinbeck. We have a thriving grocery store, mechanics, places to work, a bank, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, great parks, a swimming pool, a library, a wonderful Memorial Building, a volunteer fire department and EMS, places to get your hair cut, restaurants, churches and on and on. I know that some of these "things" that we take for granted have asked for money from our city council in the past and have been denied. Maybe they aren't as important as I think they are but imagine not having any one of them. We may lose some of these things that make Reinbeck a desirable place to live because our city cannot afford to help them financially if they choose to expand. However, we seem to be able to spend money on a daycare expansion that only a few use and that can't seem to pay its own way. I wonder where our priorities should be and if we really understand that, right now, our city should be implementing its plan to stay afloat and move forward versus using that money in a way that further diminishes the city's survival potential and may well jeopardize Reinbeck continuing to be the town it is today. You can't have it all but we can, and should, assign priorities that make sense.


Ray Rannfeldt




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