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Pat Greiner

October 22, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

America, land of the beautiful, began with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Patrick Henry quoted, "Give me liberty or give me death." God gave us liberty but with a responsibility. In the 200 years we have stood tall. We have fought for our freedom. We have given to all nations. But, our light has grown dim. When we allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools we began a downward spiral, the killing of 60 million babies, among many other atrocities.

Every day our rights as free citizens are being eroded along with our rights as Christians. Let us take a look at the legacy we are leaving our children and generations to come.

There is hope. Each one of us have an opportunity to be a part of the preservation of America. In the old testament King Josiah of Israel wept when he found the book of Deuteronomy and read it and saw how far they had fallen. At the age of 28 he tore down the altars of Baal and restored their nation back to God for his generation. America is a parallel with Israel.

There is good news. god said if we humble ourselves, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways He will hear from heaven and heal our land.

America was founded on biblical principles. In 2015 Governor Terry Branstad issued a proclamation that the bible be read aloud in all 99 counties. Grundy County did their part and will be doing the same October 20 and 21 at the courthouse. May all who will, be encouraged to take part in this historical event for 2017 for the preservation of America for our children and future generations.

God is ready to move heaven and earth on our behalf if we but take a step toward Him in faith and hope.

Pat Greiner




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