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Ray Rannfeldt

October 29, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

There is absolutely no logic in the city of Reinbeck donating to the G-R School system daycare expansion. There is no proof the daycare draws new residents to our community and there is no proof they draw "new" students into our school system and there is definitely no proof they have improved Reinbeck's tax base. In fact, I challenge anyone on the daycare board to offer absolute proof of new residents that came to Reinbeck just for the daycare and/or prove new students, not those already from Reinbeck, have moved into the G-R School system. Remember, our daycare has been in existence for many years and there is yet to be any proof it adds truly new students to our school system, invites resident to our town or increases our town's tax base. Why do we think spending another wad of money on the daycare expansion will do what the existing daycare did not do, or at least did not do in any significant way. Maybe an approach with a greater guarantee of results would be to use all the money donated to the daycare expansion project (estimated to be $540,000.00 this time around) to offer inexpensive housing to families with students feeding into the school system in a contractual manner. ie: If you have school age children in your family, live in Reinbeck and send them to the G-R School system for a specified period of time, we (the city and the school system) will assist you with a rent/utility subsidy. Or maybe we should focus on students open enrolling out of G-R with a monetary enticement to their families to have their students rejoin G-R. Or maybe we should offer a graduation, monetary scholarship stipulating each student must spend 12 years in the G-R school system to get the scholarship. There are alternatives to the daycare expansion project that promise as much, if not more, to both our school system and our town. We should look harder at our options.

Ray Rannfeldt




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