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Ray Rannfeldt

November 5, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Recently there was a very well written editorial that discussed the cost of daycare services. Who can argue with the cost being nearly over whelming for many families? However, why should I, having no children in the daycare, subsidize someone else's daycare costs through city tax dollars? When our children were of daycare age, we paid for it directly out of our own pockets. It never occurred to us to seek help from the city or the school system. It certainly was never an expectation. If the daycare was something available to everyone in town, then it likely should become something the city supports, but the majority of us in town do not need daycare services. Compare it to the parks, the Memorial Building, Reinbeck's streets, water systems, etc. We may not all use them but they are available to all and, thereby, are truly city assets. When you consider the school system, however, the daycare is rightly placed in that system as a school asset. We already subsidize the school through our taxes and, in so doing, are subsidizing the daycare building. Let's separate the school system and the city in the endeavor to fund a daycare expansion. Let the school system pay for its assets, including the daycare, in any manner it pleases. It's their business. Let our city take care of just its business.

Ray Rannfeldt




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