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Ray Rannfeldt

November 19, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Richard Grimm both the city and the school system received generous donations. This was money that came exactly when it was most needed. Both the school system and our city are finding it difficult to meet expenses and look toward the future. Richard's donation could have helped in this regard. Instead, they both decided to spend some of these donation dollars on expanding a daycare. That's like adding an addition to your house that you hope will make your house more attractive when you can barely make your house payment. Neither the city or the school system should be expanding anything given their tight budgets and given the forecast for minimal increases in funds coming into their coffers. For now, they must spend each dollar to take care of their existing assets and make their best efforts to simply stabilize their financial condition. I dislike the idea of not growing our city and our school system right now, but when both find themselves in nearly survival mode, they must take care of what must be taken care of first. It is nice to dream but not at the expense of survival. We need both our city and the school system to be financially solid before we begin to consider spending money on expansions or anything not truly needed. Getting a donation from Richard Grimm does not mean either the school system or the city must spend the money right away. Those donations should become a rainy day fund or be used to pay down existing debt or to maintain existing assets. Since financial information is available from both the city and the school system, find out for yourself what the savings (reserve) to debt ratio is for each. It is not good and promises only to get worse!


Ray Rannfeldt




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