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Ray Rannfeldt

November 26, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

According to city records, there are roughly 850 households living in the Reinbeck area. Roughly, 50 of those households (about 6-10% of the total households) use the daycare services provided at the school. If each of those 50 households had four children (they don't but I thought I would figure on the high side), that means roughly 200 children use the daycare. Again, this is on the high side. This translates to roughly 13%, maximum, of Reinbeck's population using the daycare services. That's 200, maximum, out of 1600 residents! In reality, it is likely much less than that number. Also, when children that do not live in Reinbeck but use the daycare are subtracted from the estimated number of children attending the daycare, the number of Reinbeckians using the daycare drops even more. So, if the majority of Reinbeck's citizens (a minimum of 1400) do not use the daycare services financially supported by our city council, how come our city council continues to give the daycare expansion effort money? That's like the city council wasting our tax dollars on a dog park or a fitness center - both of which would be used by only a few of Reinbeck's residents. When a minority of our population wants something that will be used by only a minority of our town's citizens, the funding for that "want" needs to come from places other than our tax dollars. There are exceptions to this but the daycare expansion project is not one of them. It should be funded by the school, personal donations and grants. It should not be funded by the majority of taxpayers living in Reinbeck. Talk to your council members.


Ray Rannfeldt




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