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Ray Rannfeldt

December 17, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

I wonder if the G-R School System will donate to the City of Reinbeck when it needs to replace/expand the pool bathhouse or fix the cemetery drives, etc.? The City of Reinbeck is planning on donating another $180,000.00 to the Reinbeck daycare building expansion, which belongs to the school system, so why shouldn't the school system donate to the city of Reinbeck as it needs money to repair and/or expand its facilities? Both the school system and the city want to expand in some manner so donating across school/city lines seems okay, right? But that is not the way things are working out. Why is it some in our town think the money should flow just one way - from our city to the school system? Do these folks continue to believe our city has excess money? Talk to your council members and ensure they know the school can choose to expand their daycare building if they want, but our city has no business financially supporting this expansion. Our city has enough to take care of with simply trying to maintain or improve its existing assets.


Ray Rannfeldt




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