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December 17, 2017
Kevin Williams - Grundy County Conservation Director , Reinbeck Courier

Let me start out by saying that my memory doesn't seem to be what it used to be. I know that back in college all of those scientific names for birds, mammals, plants and insects went into my brain. And they lodged there just long enough to be written down on test papers satisfactorily. But that's why going back to college and studying for exams is a reoccurring nightmare now. Another example is trying to remember someone's name that I meet on the street after several years. Try as I might, it just won't come to me until 3AM the next morning when I don't need that name anymore.

And I'm fine with that most of the time until it happens to involve a conversation with my wife who will invariably say something like, "I told you that already don't you remember?" or "That happened in 1991 remember?"

Come on you husbands out there, tell me I'm not alone.

I used to keep track of when certain natural occurrences happened each year in my head. I didn't need to write it down. Like when the first dogtooth violets bloomed in the spring. And I still find that many of those things are stuck in the memory ready to be recalled when needed. Other things not so much.

My brother and I found that we can have different memories of the same event. We can both recall some story our grandfather related to us as boys. Trouble is that he remembers some of the fine points incorrectly. I know that because I remember it differently and, of course, I'm right. Oh to get old.

Anyway, back to my column topic for this week. If I can remember what that was going to be about when I started this. Oh, yes, memories. Forty years ago, I sure seem to remember that the final freeze-up on my grandfather's pond occurred near Thanksgiving. Usually before. I remember pulling my traps along the creek that meandered through our farm long before Thanksgiving because of the ice.

In recent years, Thanksgiving freeze-up hasn't happened. Final ice cover on Grundy County lake seldom occurs now until well into December and sometimes holds off until late December. And larger bodies of water often remain open even later.

So, here we are well into December and we have been getting a dose of temperatures that are closer to what we should expect for winter. A cooling trend is forecast for the week ahead or part of it anyway. However, they're still talking about a chance of thunder storms with some of that precipitation.

Things today just aren't what I remember sometimes many times.



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