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Ray Rannfeldt

December 24, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

As I look at our city paying for nearly one-third of Reinbeck's child daycare building, I wonder why it isn't paying the same amount for elderly daycare. A majority of us in town are more likely to use elderly daycare (ie: nursing home, assisted living, congregate living) than the child daycare so it seems only appropriate that those of us taxpayers needing to use elderly daycare get some form of subsidy from the city. Those using the child daycare have already gotten a $300,000.00 subsidy from the city when the child daycare was originally constructed and now our city is going to give them another $180,000.00. I want my subsidy if and when I go into elderly daycare. After all, I still pay taxes to both the school system and to our city and my children stayed in town when they grew up which supported the school system. And, of course, we live in Reinbeck and even now continue to contribute to our community in many ways. I paid taxes for decades into Reinbeck and according to our City Council's apparent perspective on donations, I deserve my entitlement the same as those younger families that, by comparison, have so far paid very little in taxes to Reinbeck. If I fail to get my subsidy, does that mean our City Council feels we senior citizens who have supported our school and our city for so long are now less important than those using the child daycare? What do you think, is there any hope of our City Council subsidizing my elderly daycare? Not a chance. The pendulum only swings one way. Tell our City Council that subsidizing the child daycare expansion or the nursing home is a ridiculous idea. Help them understand neither has anything to do with Reinbeck's city business.


Ray Rannfeldt




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