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Ray Rannfeldt

January 21, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

The misuse of our city's tax dollars continue as our misguided City Council handed over $180,000.00 to the daycare expansion project at the Jan. council meeting. When they promised the money in late spring of last year, they didn't set a deadline for the daycare board to raise their money nor specify how the daycare donations were to be documented to the council. And to think some of us believed our City Council represented all of us! Perhaps the council did not recognize that most of the money the daycare board had to raise on its own came from a few large donors instead of from the majority of Reinbeck's citizens. Again, I thought our council represented all of us! Perhaps the council felt it was okay to cut city department budgets for the sake of the daycare expansion. Perhaps the council understood the Grimm donation to not truly be to the city but rather to the school district even though Richard Grimm left the school district a donation of their own. Perhaps the council has embarked on financially supporting buildings the school district owns such as the daycare building. Perhaps the council feels it is appropriate to financially support non-profit organizations in our community such as the daycare. Perhaps the council still believes the daycare increases tax revenues coming to the city even though this has not proven to be the case in any significant way. Perhaps the council still believes there is a waiting list for the daycare even though recent new residents of Reinbeck are able to get their children into the daycare as soon as they want to do so. Perhaps the council believes people aren't moving to Reinbeck because they can't get into the daycare. But, most importantly, perhaps our City Council believes no one is watching. Well, if no one else is watching, I am and I will continue to report further city asset cuts, misuses of city dollars and the actions of our council above and beyond the council meeting minutes available online. Join me and witness our City Council spend money Reinbeck does not have and will not have in the foreseeable future.

Ray Rannfeldt




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