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Ray Rannfeldt

January 28, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

The city budget for 2017 saw a reduction of almost $60,000.00 total in city services such as the cemetery, park, EMS, etc. In 2018, the story will be the same. If this happens again in 2019, which it almost certainly will due, in part, to fiscal mismanagement by our council and fewer tax dollars coming into the city, guess what the total reductions to city services will be. You got it, $180,000.00 - the same amount given away to the daycare expansion project. That's not counting the earlier donated $300,000.00. So, while all of us in this town have to accept the cut in city budgets/services, those few using the daycare get to revel in their new found money. Is this why we elected our City Council, to not be able to see down the road far enough to avoid falling off the road? As I have said in my editorials from the onset, giving away large amounts of our city's money is a gamble no matter how worthy the cause might seem. I know some people believe the daycare expansion is the answer to our town's, and our school's, future but the reality is it is still a gamble. What happens if the city does, indeed, find itself without enough funds to run the town because it bet the money away or the school system does not enjoy a stronger budget because it bet its money on the daycare? Our city needs to have a reserve but it does not have one. Ie: no money in the bank. Personally, I would be scared to death if I did not have some money saved. But not our City Council. Soon, our city will not be able to pay for state mandated water treatment improvements and be forced to take yet another loan. Is that what we want? Do we want our town to take on more debt, to gamble away what little money the city coffers do have and, in the end, as I said before, raise the cost of living in Reinbeck? Do we really want our houses to be worth less because the city is nearing financial ruin? It is difficult for me to understand how our City Council cannot understand the need to build a reserve such that there is a future for our town; one that shows they know how to manage our limited money. But, maybe I can understand it. Our City Council is full of people totally and undeniably daycare "believers." Given their oath of office dictating impartiality, how can they, in good conscience, ever vote as they did?


Ray Rannfeldt




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