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Ray Rannfeldt

February 4, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Some in this town feel I have a negative attitude toward our City Council and its propensity to give away our money. They may be right given our council's apparent perspective of seeing the sun rise higher over our city's bleak financial horizon by giving away our tax dollars. I, however, view myself as a pragmatist. I am one who looks at things logically and practically rather than through lenses shrouded by those with their hand out as they come to the council promising things they cannot deliver. You can't take promises, or the cost of supporting those promises, to the bank. I am one who believes, above all else, our city needs to put itself in a position that allows it to pay its bills without cutting city services. I am one who believes a financial reserve is necessary to keep our city viable. I am one who believes that forcing bankruptcy off the table through sound fiscal practices truly does help show our city in a favorable light and draw new residents. I am also a person who will never, ever, support a council that has just completed a gift of nearly $480,000.00 to a daycare expansion. I will never support a council that is now in the preliminary phase of considering a building that combines a renovated pool bathhouse and a fitness center to the tune of $600,000.00 (estimated). Show me the $1,000,000.00 in reserve our city had when I was on the council and I might ease a bit on my criticism of our council. Show me our city departmental budgets restored such that they can once again plot a course toward a brighter future and I might ease a bit on my criticism of our council. Show me our town's infrastructure put in shape and I might ease a bit on my criticism of our council. Show me our council knows what is going on with our city's finances (just ask anyone of them anything specific), that they know how to say "no" and, most importantly, know how to truly represent all people in Reinbeck and not just the special interests such as the daycare and fitness center proponents and then I might ease a bit on my criticism. Again, I am a pragmatist that comes off as negative to some people. It's not that I do not wish for or hope for a Reinbeck of the future. I do. But getting there is not something obtained by ignoring our city's financial reality and giving away tax dollars. I think being practical and logical about our city's finances and our city's future is the true sun coming up over Reinbeck's future - not a perspective of hand outs and give-a-ways.


Ray Rannfeldt




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