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Ray Rannfeldt

February 11, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Most of you know about the story of the boy who cried "wolf." The story ends with that boy being eaten by the wolf because he had called wolf too often and no one listened when there really was a wolf. Maybe that is what is happening in this town. Maybe I have complained about our council's spending practices too often and no one believes me that our town truly does have serious financial difficulties. Or, maybe those in our town can't believe our council would ever give our money away. Who knows? But, the sad truth is that there is a wolf at our door and, if spending practices continue as they have in the recent past, that wolf is going to eat away all of our city's limited tax dollars to the point of they being gone. What then? The answer to that is something I have spoken about before. When our city's finances get to a point that our city has no money to spend, there are only a few options: to somehow get sufficient tax dollars to meet expenses (most likely increase our taxes somehow), to further cut city budgets, or, finally, to go farther into debt. All, or any of these, is still another sign(s) we are in trouble. Budgets have already been cut and the city has serious debt concerns. Add to that the fact that not too very long ago we suffered an increase in water and sewer rates (ie: increased taxation). That's three out of the three mentioned. Do we need to see the bubbles go by us as we sink to the financial bottom? Speak up to your council members and tell them there is truly no life jacket for our town unless they better control spending, especially the give-a-ways such as to the daycare expansion and to the upcoming consideration of the new bath house/fitness center. It may already be too late. Our town may already be eaten by poor fiscal management by our council.


Ray Rannfeldt




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