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Ray Rannfeldt

February 18, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

In January's City Council meeting our Council voted to give away the entire $180,000.00 to the daycare expansion all at one time. That's right, as a lump sum. Anyone that has ever managed a project or built a house knows that you only get the money from your bank (in this case our city) as you turn in the receipts for services rendered. In that way you don't get a chance to create "extras" that might not have been part of the original project. Virtually no one will give you a lump sum for your project all at one time. Lenders are smart and careful. But, our council failed to show good judgment and exercise caution. Again. In spite of advice from the mayor and city administrator, our council voted unanimously just to hand over the money. However, at the February meeting our council backed up on their giving the money as a lump sum and voted to give the money as it should have been given, when receipts are presented. I wonder what changed their mind? Could it be that this change came after a call was made to a major player on the daycare board and advising that person our city would be losing the interest money on the $180,000.00 if given to the board prior to construction beginning? Could it be that this major player on the daycare board then contacted his council cohorts and got them to reverse their vote such that the money would be provided as receipts were provided? How generous of them! If this isn't enough evidence for you to believe our council is in cahoots with the daycare board, then you are not thinking clearly. Of course the council will claim they changed their mind based on other reasons or that they had time to reconsider but if I was a betting man, I would bet on the council being controlled by the daycare board. And that, my friends, is a just another example of how our City Council violates their oath of office requiring impartiality.


Ray Rannfeldt




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