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Gladbrook-Reinbeck Awarded $20,000 from EPA’s “Clean School Bus” Program!

February 25, 2018
David Hill - Gladbrook-Reinbeck Superintendent , Reinbeck Courier

We're excited to announce that the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Community School District has been chosen through a competitive selection process to receive a $20,000 rebate from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the replacement of a school bus in our fleet.

Last year, Gladbrook-Reinbeck's school buses traveled over 61,000 miles on regular daily bus routes alonenot to mention nearly 22,000 miles traveled on "non-route" miles such as field trips and activity trips. Statistically speaking, school buses are the safest way for the district to transport hundreds of students to and from school and on their various activity trips; however, school buses are not the most energy-efficient vehicles and they do emit exhaust fumes into the environment.

Modern engines are more efficient and over 90 percent cleaner than the engines in older buses. However, many school buses with older engines are still being operated throughout our state and nation. One of the most effective ways to reduce emissions nationwide is to replace the oldest school buses with new buses that meet today's emission standards. That's why the EPA started the bus rebate competitive rebate program five years ago.

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Commenting about the rebate program, EPA regional administrator Curt Spalding said, "Investing in clean diesel school buses will help ensure cleaner air for children and for all community members."

Personally, I see our district's selection for this program as a real "win-win" for Gladbrook-Reinbeck. We needed to purchase a new bus this year anyway, and the $20,000 rebate will help to significantly defray the cost of our new bus. In the process, an older bus that is much less efficient and less clean will be taken off of the road. Not only will this reduce our bus fleet's impact on the environment, but we will all "breathe easier" in terms of our district's ability to pay for the new bus. Like I said, a true "win-win" for everyone.

I appreciate Mark Possehl, our shared transportation director for Gladbrook-Reinbeck and Grundy Center Schools, for his efforts in successfully completing the application for this rebate and making the case for why G-R should receive the funding for a new bus. If it hadn't been for Mark's efforts, Gladbrook-Reinbeck would not have been selected.

For more information on the EPA's diesel rebate program, visit To learn about the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act which makes the diesel rebate program possible, visit

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