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Ray Rannfeldt

February 25, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

A few people have asked me why don't I leave the council alone, ie: let them perform their function without observation or criticism. I feel it is not only my right to comment on our council's activities but my obligation to do so. Given a reason, I would just as readily compliment them, which I have done in the past. Further, I believe that very few people ever look at the City Council meeting minutes so they have no idea what our council is doing. So, I use my editorials to ensure at least those that read the paper truly know and understand what is happening under our council's watch. If I had to bet, I would guess most people in town did not even know the council approved a hand out to the daycare board until I began to editorialize about it. I feel confident most people in town do not know the council is now considering a $600,000.00 pool bathhouse/fitness center. How many in town realize that at least two members of our council have very, very close ties to the daycare board (one on the daycare board) and, therefore, should have abstained from voting for the donation? How many realize those two violated their oath of office which requires them to be impartial in all their considerations? How many know that our city's code stipulates that a council member can only be removed if the other council members vote to do so. Talk about the fox watching the chicken coop! Things need to be more readily transparent with our council such that I don't have to editorialize about it. Going to meetings does little good since special interest groups will, undoubtedly, carry the day with our council as they have in the past. I write editorials because our council has not, and likely will not, do its primary jobs of representing the majority of us and carefully managing our city's money. They will continue on their path of denying city departments their full budgets in favor of give-a-ways that, at the very least, are a gamble and have nothing to with our city. In short, it is my hope that I keep current city issues in the forefront. Contrary to the popular saying, "What we don't know WILL hurt us!" And, will continue to hurt us unless our council changes its ways.


Ray Rannfeldt




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