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Reinbeck Daycare breaks ground on new addition

October 4, 2018
by Michaela Kendall The Grundy Register , Reinbeck Courier

REINBECK - When the Little Rebels Learning Center in Reinbeck was first started ten years ago, it was solely a before and after school program, and there were five students enrolled; today, the growing center offers daycare, before and after school and preschool programs, and the center is full to capacity with over 160 youngsters enrolled.

Back in 2015, the center added an addition to accommodate more children, but with enrollment continuing to increase, they needed even more space, prompting a second addition.

After a year and a half of gathering funding and finalizing construction plans, a crew was on site last Friday for a groundbreaking ceremony for the new addition.

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Photo by Michaela Kendall
The Little Rebels Learning Center in Reinbeck broke ground on their second addition on Friday. The hope is that construction will be finished up by early February, and move in ready by early March of next year. Shown above, back row from left to right, are: Little Rebels Learning Center Director Robin Moore, Reinbeck City Councilman Nathan Ragsdale, Little Rebels Preschool Director Kristy Giesking, Little Rebels Board President Chris Frischmeyer and G-R Superintendent David Hill.

"It's very exciting, it's a long time coming," said Little Rebels Learning Center Director Robin Moore.

One of the main goals of the addition, Moore says, is to create enough space to bring infant childcare back on site. Currently, infant childcare is located offsite, as there is not enough space at the center.

"The new addition will allow the learning center to have all children under the same roof, and we're all really excited about that," she said. "We're hoping construction will be done by the beginning of February, and after we get everything finished up, we're hoping to move the babies back on site on March first."

Board President Chris Frischmeyer says he's excited to have work started on the new addition, and that the learning center's rapid expansion shows there's a need in the community for childcare services.

"I think it says a lot about the community," he said. "We're a growing community with a lot of major employers, great schools, recreation, and things like that. Reinbeck is a safe place to raise a family, and we've seen a lot of new families moving here because they realize that. And it's great to know that the community feels comfortable with us; and we're happy to be able to offer safe childcare for families here."

This newest expansion project was made possible through a mix of support from the City of Reinbeck, the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District and the community.

The school and the city each gave $180,000 in funding towards the expansion project, and the community pitched in more than $180,000 in donations and more to make the project possible.Nathan Ragsdale, a member of the Reinbeck City Council, says he believes it's important for the city to support this project because young families and children are the future of Reinbeck.

"Kids are the future," he said. "We're a growing town and we have a growing district. We need a place for young families who move here to bring their children. We're very excited about this project and we hope it helps Reinbeck continue to grow."

Gladbrook-Reinbeck Superintendent David Hill agreed.

"We see the daycare centers, both in Reinbeck and Gladbrook, as a big part of the future for the G-R school district, and it represents our future growth," Hill said. "The need for this addition is evident, and the extra space will be put to use right away. Most importantly, the center will continue to grow and provide families with safe childcare, and that's what it's all about."

Board President Frischmeyer says he would like to thank the city, the school and the community for all of their support on the project, and making the expansion possible."This wouldn't be possible without our very supportive school district, city and community; it's really a joint effort," he said. "We've had very incredible support over the years, and we want to thank everyone for that."

Work on the addition is being done by Don Gardner Construction out of Waterloo. The Learning Center board and director hope to have the addition done and everyone moved in by early March of 2019.



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