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Merry Christmas

December 21, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Warmest Wishes for your

Holiday Season

We'd like to wish you and your family peace and prosperity now and in the year to come.

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May this holiday be your best one yet and may your home and our community be blessed

with all that Christmas brings.

The following pages include Holiday Greetings from area businesses and organizations as

well as Christmas through the eyes of our children.

Mrs. Creswell's 1st Grade

My Christmas Wish ...

Eric - I could see soccer balls all around the tree.

Dustin - All my family can come to my house.

Sydnee - All my cousins could come to my house and Wyatt and Levi Brown.

Dylan - My cousins could come to my house on Christmas.

Owen - We can get to my grandma's house safely.

Dayton - My dad could come on Christmas Eve.

Kaylee - Is eating foods I like, like pizza, corn dogs, and hot dogs.

Ryan - I could go to my cousin's house.

Wyatt L. - My mom will have a lot of happiness.

Liam - I could watch Christmas shows on TV.

Laney - To go to my cousin's house.

Eliana -

Levi - That we have snow for Christmas.

Paisley - I could see a lot of Christmas trees.

Mrs. Caslavka's 1st Grade

My Christmas Wish ...

Allen- I wish that everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Dalton- I wish for all my family to celebrate Christmas with me.

Wyatt B- I wish that my whole family has a good time.

Paige- I wish that my dad can celebrate Christmas in heaven.

Carter- I wish that everyone has a good Christmas.

Sawyer- I wish that I can be with all of my family.

Sophia- I wish that everyone can celebrate Christmas.

Jonah- I wish that I can spend time with my family.

Landon- I wish for Tucker and Beckett to get stronger and better. #RagsdaleTwinStrong

Grayson- I wish that my family likes all the presents that I got for them.

Drake- I wish that I can spend time with my elf and my family.

Teagan- I wish that I can spend time with my family.

Quinn- I wish that I can sing Christmas songs.

Mason- I wish that I can spend time with all of my family.

Mrs. Ciddio-2nd Grade

What would you like Santa to bring someone in your family?

Karina: A big farm set for my brother Juan because he really like farming.

Abby: A doll for my sister because she likes dolls.

Nevaeh: Some light pink nail polish for my sister because she likes to paint her nails a lot.

Mai: A special pillow just for my mom so she can have her own.

Harper: A sloth blanket for my cousin Whitley because it matches her room.

Brayden: Power Ranger Legos for my brother because he would love those.

Tommy: A real-life bunny for my brother because he loves bunnies.

Alex: An XBox 360 for my dad so we can play games together.

Keygan: A hoverboard for my sister because she really wants one.

Caleb: A paintset for my cousin Shelby because she really likes to paint.

Jax: A Barbie camping set because she's been bragging about it.

Gage: A new Harley-Davidson motorcycle for my dad because his other one is getting old.

Haven: A toy tractor for my baby brother that lights up and has sounds and that he can ride it.

Briana: A veterinarian kit for my sister Autumn because she wants to be a vet when she grows up.

Mrs. Fleshner's 3rd Grade Class

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Lohgan L.-My favorite Christmas tradition is to go to Christmas Eve church. I like going to

Christmas Eve church because we get to pass out candles and light them. We also sing Silent

Night. I also really like it when the minister starts to talk about Jesus' birthday!

LaKenze S-My favorite Christmas tradition is when we go to our Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas. On Christmas Eve we get to open one early present. And we always get goodthings on Christmas Day.

Addison R.-My favorite Christmas tradition is every Christmas Eve my mom and I make carmel

pecan rolls. It takes 24 hours to rise and cook so we can have them Christmas morning. I like

them a lot. I think one time the carmel pecan rolls did not cook right, like they were too soft.

Bennett S-Going to Kansas City and spending time with family. Also opening presents.

Emmalyn M-My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve church because I get to see my grandma and open gifts and have fun.

Nolan M-My favorite tradition is when my family comes to my Grandma's house and we open

gifts. Why; because I get to spend time with my cousins and every time we get in a circle. We go youngest to oldest to open gifts. We keep going around till we are all out of presents.!

Chad G-I go to my Grandma's and open presents and eat breakfast. Then I go home and open my presents.

Kooper L-My favorite tradition is when we decorate the tree. I like to see the lights. I like to put

my own ornaments on the tree. I love hanging out with my family.

Kaeden S-I like to listen to Christmas music while opening presents. I like to listen to Feliz


Kale B-My favorite Christmas tradition is when my whole family comes to my house. We

sometimes watch the game. All the kids usually go downstairs and play really loud music. We

also play games like tag.

Grayson Y-Christmas shopping because it's the only time to do something nice for your family

and friends. I also like spending time with them and telling them that I love them.

Devin B-Christmas Eve night we leave egg nog and cookies for Santa. For the reindeer we

leave carrots or an apple.!

Brianne W- Kunz family Christmas because I get to see what we did that summer. In our

stockings we get Ty stuffed animals. We play Chinese Christmas-both kids and grownups. We

go around to homes and sing Christmas carols to people.

Elliott C- Decorating the tree with my family. I like doing it because I get to spend time with my

mom and dad and three brothers. We all get to hang our own ornaments. We put on music

while we put them up.

Atley S-We do something called hide the pickle on Christmas Day. Whoever finds the pickle

gets to open the first present. We have done it since Silas was born. Most of the time we do

Miracle on Main. Some years we use my Nana's fake tree. Other times we go and get a real

one. But Dad hates it because all the needles get everywhere.

Keegan H-I like decorating my dog as a reindeer because it is funny.

Stories About Our Christmas Trees

Mrs. Bailey's 4-B

The Potter Family's Trees

By Jenna Potter

The Potter family has four trees in their house. One is in my room and it is decorated with Barbie cards from when I was little. It is blue with a snowflake shaped star. It is artificial.

There is one downstairs. It is also artificial. It is in Nelly's room - Nelly is my pig. My mom and dad got it in 2003. Every year we have to leave a note to Santa to put the presents under the tree in our living room or else Nelly will wake up in the morning and rip the presents open. It is our family tree because it has pictures of me over the years and also pictures of my family over their years and just fun ornaments.

The next tree is in my living room. It is also artificial. It is decorated with little glass balls and bows. We put things under it like tiger boxes and jack-in-the-box things.

The fourth tree is in my dining room. It is decorated with everything Tigger stuff because my mom's favorite character is Tigger. My mom calls it "The Tigger Tree". It is also decorated with some other fun ornaments under the tree also.It is sitting on my mom's antique stick chair.

The Christmas of the Fire

by: Alexis. F. Sager

3 years ago, I was six years old my older brother Wyatt was seven. My family had just lost the house we were living in. The next weekend we were with our dad; we lived in an apartment. It was ok but it was nothing like our old house.

Two months later we found a house to buy. I said "WOW" as I walked into my new room for the first time ever. On Christmas Eve we each opened one gift which was and always will be pajamas. The next day was Christmas day and I was the first one awake so I had to wake up Wyatt.

When I went to Wyatt's room, he was already awake so I told him, "Let's open our stockings!"

Wyatt said, "Ok."

Christmas Freak-Out

By Caleb Bowser

My tree has a lot of ornaments on it. I decorated with my family one year, and Christmas almost didn't happen because we were going to my grandma and Papa's house. We were driving back home, and my sisters cried because they said we were not going to have enough time to go home. They thought Santa would get to our house and no one would be there. Usually we open a Christmas present before we go to bed -- usually it's pajamas from our elf Jolly Twinkle Star. That year we went straight to bed and didn't open presents until Christmas Day. And, Santa did come to our house.

White Christmas Tree

By Sandra Larsen

This year my family got a tall white Christmas tree. We decorated our white Christmas tree two nights after we got it. Terah got pink, purple, and blue ornaments with gold garland. We go sledding. Sometimes after we go sledding we have hot cocoa. We also have a little blue tree that is three feet tall. We decorated it with characters. Our blue tree is in the kitchen. Our white Christmas tree is in the living room.

The Utterback Christmas Tree Hunt

By Joshua Utterback

"Let's go!'' said Joshua. The Utterback family headed to Marshalltown. When they got there they got out of the car to go find a tree.

"We found one!" Joshua's brothers shouted.

I said, "I don`t like that one." So they looked for 30 more minutes until they found the perfect tree. The all screamed, "Yay, yay, yay!" It was time to cut it down.

"Wait," said Joshua. "Let's lay down and let it fall on us! "said Joshua. We put it on the sled and went to pay for it. Dad and Anthony put the tree in the car, and we were on our way home. When we got home we had to let the branches droop down so we could decorate it.

The 1985 Christmas Disaster

By Avery Boyer

In December of 1985 my mom was five. She loved putting the ornaments on the tree. After her family decorated the tree, she would rearrange them.

One day she was rearranging the ornaments. Suddenly a sound occurred. Plop! My grandma came sprinting downstairs. "Are you ok, Anne?"

"Yes, I'm fine mother," my mom said.

So my grandma and papa picked up the tree. After that they had a very merry Christmas. My mom learned an important lesson: Never put all the ornaments on one side of the tree.

The Mysterious Tree

By: Anthony Knaack

B`a ngoai's (my mom's mom) tradition was to leave her Christmas tree up and decorated all year, but she hid it when it was not Christmas time. But now our tradition is different.

Every year before Christmas my B`a noi (my dad's mom) gives us two brush baby ornaments. This year we got two mooses. We also don't decorate until my sister's birthday is over and our elf comes on her birthday. Sometimes we make ornaments ourselves we use paper, pipe cleaners, and clay.

This year my tree isn't our normal tree; it's a ceramic tree which is a glass tree that lights up.

It mysteriously came in the mail. We were going to ask the UPS guy but he got in his truck too fast. My mom, my sister, and I all asked ourselves, "Where did this tree come from?" We asked our dad, and he said, "I didn't order it." So that day we plugged it in and since then we call it the mysterious Christmas tree.

First and Only

by Juan Arvizu-Ersland

"Juan, jump into the car," Mom said. "How was piano, Bud?" mom asked.

"It was fine," Bud said.

"What do you have for homework?" Mom asked.

"I need Christmas tree stories," Bud said.

"When we first bought the Christmas tree your father had a tiny car. So we had to make two trips because of how big the tree was. Your Dad had to carry it up lots of stairs."

Now it is ten years old, and we keep the tree in the basement. It takes one day to set it up.

Charlie Brown

By Karson Van Heiden

My family had a small tree last year. We called it Charlie Brown.

Santa was not able to put the presents under the small tree. Instead he put them next to the chairs. I think he knew we sit in the same chairs every Christmas.

Mostly we have a fake tree. Last year my mom said, "Your dad never had a real tree, and I never had a real tree."

"Can we have a real tree next year?" said Karson.

"Maybe," said my mom.

My dad said, "Why not bring the outdoors into the indoors?"

"Good idea, Dad," said Karson.

Anyway that's the story of the Charlie Brown tree.

The Shaker & Netter

By Gus Galbraith

Saturday,November 24, 2018 my family and I went to Kris Kringle Tree Farm to get a Christmas tree. It took my family a half hour to find a Christmas tree. During that time I asked my dad, "When will we leave?" and my dad said, "In probably 30 minutes," and I said, "WHY!!"

Thirty minutes later we finally found a Christmas tree - "I'm like, yes!!" My dad's like "Wooo!!"

So we chopped down the tree. The people that worked there come with a gator with a trailer on back. They got out and put the tree on the trailer. They put the tree in a shaker thing to shake all the loose needles. Then they put it into a netter to wrap it up. Then we took it home and put it up.

The Fallen Tree!

By Kinzee Hemann

Karly woke up & was very excited because today was the day to put up the Christmas tree. Karly grabbed her favorite ornament "I remember when I made that little train," Karly was looking at the tree when all of a sudden, the tree fell on Karly!

"Are you okay," Mom asked.

"Did you get that on camera?" Karly asked.

"I think you're okay," said Mom.

The next day Karly told all of her friends and showed them the bruises.

The Grand Christmas Tree

By: Ayla Baer

My family and I always go to Menards to get our Christmas tree every year. We always get a real one. Sometimes we get a 7-foot tree or an 8 -foot tree. This year we got a 7-foot tree.

"Isaac, get into this car! We need to get a tree from Menards!" yelled my mom.

"But I don't want to go!" called Isaac.

'"Well, you're going," my mom cried.

"Ok. Fine. I will go.So we went.

This year our theme for our Christmas trees is gold, white, and silver. Our Christmas tree is so pretty this year. My mom got new ornaments, and my whole family put them on the tree. After we put our new ornaments on the tree, we put some old ornaments on the tree. When the ornaments were on the tree my mom said, "Do you want to put candy canes on the tree'?'


We wrapped the presents, and they stay in my mom's closet until the night before Christmas. Then we put them under the tree. We go to sleep and dream about the beautiful Christmas tree.

The Cat Tree

by Kohen Gienger

One day I was packing and getting ready for a winter trip to Mexico. We leave tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

The Next Day

It was time to go to school. I got dressed and went to feed my cat Jeima and then myself. I went downstairs to feed Jeima. She was really low on food. Then I realized: what are we gonna do with Jeima! I called my mom. She said, "We're gonna leave her here." I hung up. I was sad.

I ate breakfast. Then it was time to go. Wes, my step-dad, picked me up. We went to pick up my mom, and then we went to the hotel.

We woke up, and it was still dark out. I realized that everyone was in a rush so I got up in a hurry.

A Week Later

We are back from Mexico. Jeima has trashed the tree. She never liked me that much.

That was a year ago.

The New Christmas Tree

by Paili Nicholson

Yesterday my mom went to Dollar General to get some groceries, and she got a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree has tiny ornaments. The string for the ornaments is really tiny to put in the hole. The Christmas tree has some lights. My mom got some lights to decorate the inside of the house. The Christmas tree is in the window seat. I helped my mom put on the lights up on the window seat. Eliana put the presents under the Christmas tree. My best part was putting the lights on the Christmas tree.



It started about 4 years ago. I had a calico cat. Her name was Carmen. We always put up our tree after Thanksgiving. So we went down to the basement & carefully brought up the tree & decorations. When we put the tree up, Carmen waits until we leave & then she starts climbing up the tree. I saw the tree shake a little then I said, "CARMEN,GET DOWN NOW!" Once she got down she knocked over the whole tree! She almost broke some of the ornaments,too!


"OK," I said. But I stuck her into my room instead of outside.

But on Veteran's Day, 2015 Carmen escaped, & we never saw her again. In 2016 I found her collar & some fur.

Christmas Tree Disaster

by Isabelle Ross

One day after school I needed to go to Menards so that Addy and I could have a tree in our rooms. So on we went. "It's the one!" I said to my dad and Addy. Addy got the same one but we also needed lights and ornaments so we got those. "I want a rainbow tree" said Addy "Can I have a purple tree?" I asked. My dad said, "Yes." Then we went home to decorate.


I came home from school one day and told my dad "I have homework" so I did my homework. "Where is stella?" asked Addy.

"I don't know," I said. "Maybe she is outside." Addy went out to check.

"Done with my homework! I am going upstairs," I said but when I got up there I saw my tree and lights and ornaments on the ground. Then I saw my dog Stella chewing on a light. I yelled, "STELLA!" and then I remembered. "This was my fault. I forgot to kennel Stella."

Movin' around the Christmas Tree

By: Jada Cheville

On an early Saturday morning, our family was putting up all of our Christmas decorations. Most of the time my mom sets up the nativity but this year I did, while my mom set up the other stuff.

As we were getting close to finishing, I asked, "Are we putting up the Christmas tree after this?" And that when I found out the bad news: Braxton was coming. After I knew that I had to ask, "Does he have to put up the tree too?"

"Umm, yeah; we aren't going to let him watch us do it," she said in her weird mom voice.

"Fine. We can let him do it - some of it - but not our yearly ornaments," I told her in a firm way.

"Before he comes, you need to go take a shower," Mom said.

"Ok bye" I said. Later that night when he got to the house, I said, "Yeah, Braxton is here."

"Hi Jada," Braxton said. And he ran straight to me like he always does and starts jumping on me. I don't know the reason for that, but that's what he does. It was soon time to get ready to order pizza. And after the pizza, it was time to put up the Christmas tree and how fun that would be with Braxton!

We were finishing up the food but my dad was done first so we didn't have to wait that long for the tree to be up - he was already started. Everybody was done eating, and my dad was close to having the tree all done but not quite. Braxton, on the other hand, kept asking "Nah Nah - when is the tree going to be done?" When he finally stopped asking, my dad had the tree up, but he didn't have the lights on yet so Braxton had to wait longer and longer and he couldn't help it anymore. When he was nearly finished, Braxton ran to the box of ornaments and just dug and dug in the box to find the ones that he wanted to put on the tree.

Thirty minutes later, everything was on the tree, and it was time to put the tree skirt around the tree. But my mom didn't let my dad put the tree skirt on just yet. I don't think my mom really liked where the tree was placed. so for the last one and a half hours, we were rearranging furniture and the tree. My dad had to move the tree three times across the room. The sad part was he had to move it all by himself - with the lights, the branches and the ornaments all on the tree. I'll bet it was extremely heavy but I don't know because I wasn't the one that carried it .

What Christmas Means to Me

Mrs. Plett's 4th Grade Class

Christmas means for me to give to other people. It is not all about me getting all the presents. I want to give to people in need like if they don't have any food or a blanket. It also means to have fun with my family and spend a lot of time with with them. Christmas also means to celebrate Jesus's birthday and going to church. By Kailey Larsen

It means family, fun, and presents. Christmas is one of the best days of the year because you get to see your family and see what Santa got you. Christmas is not about food, presents, or friends. Christmas is about family Jesus and getting people presents. By Brayden Utter

What Christmas means to me is happy memories with my family. It also means that we can have a huge meal with our family. Christmas means spending time with are family. It also means you can get stuff without asking. By Natalie Climer

It means celebrating Jesus's birthday with my family and friends. Also, waiting for Santa to come and then open presents in the morning. Christmas means buying presents for other people and making them happy. We also go to church and sing Silent Night and light candles. Christmas means traveling to family and it means eating a big meal. By Kinzie Payton Hemann

What Christmas means to me is not presents but love and cheer. Christmas is about our ancestors and how we love them so that's how Christmas was born. How we celebrate Christmas is by making all these songs like Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman so that's how we celebrate Christmas. By Tavin Ruden

Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior. Plus it means spending time with the ones we love. Christmas means celebrating the lord we love and the Christmas spirit. Christmas is not always about getting presents. By Brandon Plaehn

What Christmas means to me is a good holiday. It also means we celebrate Jesus's birthday. I like opening presents it is really fun to me. But mostly I like spending time with my family. I like going to my Grandma and Grandpa's house because I barely even see them and it doubles the presents under the tree, so that is super fun. By Tyson Blohm

What Christmas means to me is having fun and playing with my friends and being excited the night before Christmas while waiting for santa to come and give us presents. It also means on Christmas morning seeing all my family. By Aiden Johnson

What Christmas means to me is spending time with family and friends. It means opening presents from under the tree and playing with my brother and all of my new toys. One of my favorite Christmas things to do is going back and forth from my dad's house and going to other houses to see family. One of my other favorite thing is to eat a big meal on Christmas day. By Ella Wagner

What Christmas means to me is spending time with my family. Everyone in my family gets together to celebrate Christmas. Also, Christmas to me means celebrating Jesus's birthday. Every Christmas I feel grateful that Jesus was alive to help with our lives. By Jadyn Mummelthie

Christmas means to be nice, thankful, and loyal. It also means to spread holiday cheer. Also, Christmas means to decorate your house as best as you can. It means to love Santa and love your presents. By Mileigh Martinelli

To me Christmas means Jesus's birthday in which we celebrate by giving to others. Also it means not being selfish and greedy. To me Christmas means to let our homes be open to others. It most importantly means to be with family because who wants to be alone on Christmas! By Ryleigh Bond

Christmas means to me that it is Jesus's birthday. Christmas to me means that it is the time of season to spend time with family. You get presents like Jesus gave us a present. Christmas also means to me that it is the day to be nice, kind, helpful, and forgiving. By Autumn Carley

It means spending time with family you haven't seen in awhile and working together to decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas means giving gifts and sharing them. Christmas means celebrating Jesus's birth. It means feeding the reindeer oats and making or buying cookies for Santa. By Jasmine Bassett

What Christmas means to me is celebrating Jesus's birthday all together. It also mean to me spending time with friends and family on Christmas together. Also means to me that Christmas is celebrating the joy of Christmas together. It also means just to have fun. By Jackson Mendenhall

Christmas means you celebrate Jesus's birthday by giving your family and friends presents. Going over to relatives houses, having fun, and making memories. My family always goes to my great grandma's house and it is always crowded with family. When you go to sleep Santa gives you coal or presents depending on how you have been. By Prycely Beard

To me Christmas means opening presents wrapped in red and green. It means singing Christmas carols and making cookies. Christmas is also about bringing joy. By Blake Jeys

What Christmas means to me is to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. It also means to give or to be kind to others. The Christmas season means opening presents under the tree with siblings. It is the day to also eat a big meal with your family. By Grace Brubaker

To me Christmas means that Jesus is born. Christmas also means that we get to spend time with family. It also means that Santa comes to our house and brings presents. Christmas is a time to see family who might live far away and spend time with them. By Desi Ruttman

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Mrs. Wrage's 6th Grade

My favorite Christmas memory is when I was at my Grandma Leah's and Grandpa Neil's house. I got a call from my other Grandma and Grandpa asking me when am I coming home. I told them that I would be home in a few days.On my way home, my mom told me Susie and Jeff had a surprise for me.When I walked into there house I was expecting a big surprise, but there was nothing.Then they went out to the big shed with me. When I walked in I saw a little golden lab.He was so cute! I picked him up and gave him a big hug. ~Michael B.

My favorite Christmas memory is going to my Nana's (Carolyn's) house for Christmas. She always invites all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We bring tons of food and desserts to share with everyone. Most of all, we have a good time with family and friend on Christmas! ~Lydia B.

My favorite Christmas memory was this year when my baby sister, that is almost eight months old, started to say my name. Instead of saying "Nova," she would say, "Mova." My dad and I thought that it was the cutest thing ever. At first she was just lying on the floor while saying " da da da da da da da" over and over again. She is a very fast learner and attempts to say almost anything we ask her to say. ~Nova B.

My favorite Christmas memory was when I had my first glass of eggnog. My grandma told me that Santa made just for me. I was so excited that I played with all of my toys with all of my family. That's my favorite Christmas memory. ~Jaxson B.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my Mom and Dad got themselves,my sister, and me airplane tickets to Texas. We were going to leave the next day, December,26, and go visit one of my dad's college roommates and his family in Texas. My sister and I were so excited about going to Texas. That is one of my favorite Christmas memories. ~Cole F.

My favorite Christmas memory is a tradition. Our tradition is every Christmas Eve my whole family - like my cousins, uncles, and aunts - go somewhere and play games We spend time together. My favorite part is when I see my family members.We play lots of games. One is like a present is wrapped and we have muffin gloves on and we have to try to open the present and you have a certain time to try to open it.Then after all the fun, we eat lots of really good food my family cooked. After all that, we open presents from Secret Santa.Secret Santa is when we have a hat and we put names in there. You pick a paper from the hat then you have to get a present to them. You can not tell no one who you got. When the time comes, you give them the presents.~Tommy W.

When I was in 4th grade we went to my grandma's house. My cousins that lived all the way in Colorado hadn't been able to come in quite a long time. We really wanted them to come, but they said that they couldn't make it in time for Christmas. We were all sad at the news. After we were spending time with my other cousins, we heard a doorbell ring. We all thought it was one of the cats ringing the doorbell because they do it a lot. When I saw my grandma walk over to answer it, her mouth opened wide and I'm pretty sure I saw tear go down her cheek. When I saw her face I ran over to the door wondering what it was and then I saw the faces of my two cousins, my aunt, and uncle. Once everyone saw my grandma and me just standing there, they all rushed over to see what it was and everyone was just as shocked as me. After that, everyone all hugged each other for a long time and I couldn't have felt any happier. That's my favorite Christmas memory. ~Mallory W.

My favorite Christmas memory is when I went to Lake Geneva in Illinois with my grandma, grandpa, and cousins for my grandma and grandpa's anniversary. We saw my great grandparents while we were there. We went to the cousin's swimming pool. ~Chris U.

My favorite Christmas memory is when my dad came back because I only see him at Christmas. That's always been my best memory. One year my dad surprised me and came, but he said he wasn't coming back because he didn't think he was going to be able to make it. Then one day I was playing basketball. He came up to the park and I saw him but I wasn't sure it was him because he said he wasn't coming. I didn't run over there and see him right away but then he came over to me. I was happy that he came, so I hugged him. He gave me $100 to buy anything I wanted. I bought new shoes. That was the best Christmas ever. ~Canaan B.

My favorite Christmas memory is when we went outside and have a giant snowball fight in our front yard. I would Yoshley win. When I went inside and I got the r.c. car I wanted. ~Eli M.

My brother had the very first Xbox and I was playing the original games like Halo 2, and 3. My friends loved to play on it. Then it broke down. It stopped working. I had been wanting for a new console, but the last time I got a phone for Christmas. I loved it! I would not get off. I was watching and playing it too much and my screen burned out.

I got a better one. I made sure not to burn out the screen.Then one Christmas I was looking at my gifts after I went through all of them. I was sad there was no new console, but then my dad brought in a box and I opened it. There was a new console! It was an old PS2. I was happy, even though it was not an Xbox. I loved to play on it. That's my favorite Christmas ever. ~Hunter R.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is more of a funny one. Anyway, I was at my Aunt Marcia's house. That year I asked for socks. We were at my Aunt Marsha's house for Christmas, like every year, and I needed socks badly. That was my number one thing on my Christmas list. Almost everyone gave me socks - long, short, the ankle size. I got Under Armour, Nike, and some with no brand name on it. (There might have been a name on the bottom, but I don't know what brand it was). I got blue, white, black, red, multi-color. I got almost every color. Besides that, I didn't get much, other than socks. That year I had about 150 pairs of socks! ~Owen K.

My favorite memory about Christmas is when I went to my grandpa and grandma's. When we were getting ready to open presents I was wanting a video game called Madden. When I opened all my presents I realized I didn't get my video game. When I went to the living room I saw a present there. It said my name on it. When I opened it, it was my video game! ~Brandon M.

One of the most memorable Christmas I had was a couple years ago when my godmother, Britt, (with a total of two awesome kids Devin and Emma) came down from Pennsylvania to visit our family for Christmas. I was so excited to see her and her kids because I never get to see them. It always brightens my day when I get to see her. I love how her daughter, Emma, and I get along super well. This was the only Christmas I remember having with her. I was little, probably at the age of six or seven, and I felt so special when I got one more present than all my siblings and cousins. I was a little bit confused at this time until I looked at the tag and saw that it was from Britt and her family. My mouth stretched out longer than a giraffe's neck to the biggest smile ever. Although when I opened the present, and it was a couple of books. I still read them just because they were from her. I was so happy and never have been happier before.I thought for a second how lucky I was because my siblingings didn't gift. I got that one present more than they did. I stood up and gave her a hug and thanked her. I have never felt so special and loved. Just after that gift, I was happy enough, but of course, as awesome as she is she surprised me with two more presents. She read me the other book she got me as I was sitting in her lap and my cousins and siblings were sitting around us. She then gave me a similar gift that my brother got I was so happy because when my brother got it I wanted to be like him. It was to make your own bouncy ball kit. My brother and I made them together and were so happy. I could never ask for a better Christmas. I was even more special to have my grandma, who is no longer with us, right there. To this day, I still have everything she got me, but the bouncy balls of course! ~Aliyah C.

I walked in and a wave of smells hit me: the cranberry sauce, egg, ham mashed potatoes, casserole, and wrapping paper. Everyone was there: cousins, aunts, uncles! Grandpa walks up in his Santa hat. After waiting forever, we get to open presents. ~Silas S.

My favorite Christmas memory is making cookies with Grandma Julie every year. ~Aidan R.

My favorite Christmas memory is when my grandma was alive. We always had Christmas there. My favorite thing was when my aunt would come and visit. She lives so far away that I never got to see her except on the day we had our Christmas. We would walk in the door and run and give her a hug. Then after we had a few conversations, we would run downstairs. There was a bar to sit at and drink as much pop as I could. There was a pool table down there and we always challenged each other. The parents would invite us up for supper, but we would never listen. After a while we would finally come up and get some food. We'd go in the entryway and she would have this huge table to fit everyone. Once everyone got their food we would hold hands and pray. Then we would have some laughs and it was time for presents. All of us kids would hurry up and eat so we could open them faster. Every time we would rush, the parents would take forever! We always knew that it was not about presents. It was about family. We would open them youngest to oldest. After we all opened them we would play with what we got. Time flew by. Soon it would be dard and time to go. We would all give hugs and watch each other leave. Soon all that was left was my grandma and the wrapping paper. ~Jaden H.

My favorite memory of Christmas is - I woke up on the couch.I looked up at all the cuckoo clocks and saw it was 7:15 morning.I ran into the kitchen and my favorite breakfast chocolate chip pancakes. I gobbled them up and ran into the the living room. My whole family was waiting for me so my cousin could take pictures. We all grabbed our presents. I got a guitar, a plastic merry go round, and a diamond butterfly necklace.That's why that's my favorite Christmas. ~Izzabella V.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Megan Welter's 6th Grade

My favorite Christmas holiday memory actually was in the year of 2016. The first Christmas I had with my mothers now husband,Blake. I think that Christmas was my favorite because I had a full family,you know like putting up the Christmas tree,cuddling by the fireplace,watching Christmas movies late at night and someone reading a good night story to me. But the actual reason why that Christmas was my favorite was because now I had someone there for me and I didn't have to worry about a thing.


My favorite Christmas memory is when I went to my aunt and uncles and spent 1 1/2 weeks there.The first few days were fun with my cousins and me playing in the snow and racing down hills .The night of Christmas was the best,even if I didn't get as many presents.We played a game where you can't talk but only make movements.On New Year's Day we watched the singers and ball drop on Times Square.The day I left was the saddest of them all but hopefully the rest will be just as good maybe even better.


My favorite Christmas memory is when my cousin and I walked into sticky mouse traps. My cousin and I were playing a gun game and we went to the basement to hide. We were going to climb up to the bathroom, but first him then me, walked into the traps. My grandfather was coming down at that time, so we went over to him but he was pretty mad about it. When we got to the dining room we were told to take off our socks. After that we watched where we walked. This is my favorite Christmas memory.


My favorite Christmas memory was last years Christmas. I liked that Christmas the best because it felt like everyone was there. I was at my dad's and mom's house like always but it felt like I was with everyone. I watched Christmas movies, ate cookies, and had a really good time! The last reason I felt it was the best Christmas is because everyone, except my Dad, was at my mom's house. I was there with my mom, step-dad, brother, both sisters, probably one of my sister's boyfriend I can't remember though, and my two cats and two dogs. That is why I think last years Christmas was the best, because everyone was there.


My favorite Christmas memory was one year when all my cousins came over. I was at my grandparents' house with my mom,dad, and siblings. When we woke up, we got dressed and rushed into the living room to see our presents. Presents were heaped in big piles in front of the Christmas tree.

About an hour later it was time to open presents. We got everything we could have imagined, but the fun had only started. Once the last present was opened, my grandma announced," Everybody start getting ready, Uncle Paul and his family will be here in 2 hours!"

Everybody started cleaning and cooking which made the 2 hours go by fast. When the cousins arrived (Andrew-14, Alex-13, Aaron-11, Ashton-6) we all went in the back to play. We played games, watched movies, and chatted until dinner.

There was pork, mashed potatoes, noodles, peas, corn, fruit, gravy, pies, and more. The feast was grand. When we were done, we cleared off the table and started a giant game of Apples to Apples which was so much fun!

It was time for the cousins to leave which made us all sad. I plopped onto the couch and fell asleep. When the cousins came, this made it my favorite Christmas memory.


My favorite Christmas memory is the cookies my grandma would make every year. My grandma goes all out for Christmas. The cookies that she made were special. They were special because I knew how much time, effort, and love she put into each one. When I bit into the cookies I felt the warmth from the oven haze over me, and they were crispy golden brown. When I tasted the frosting it was like the bow tying a present together. That was my favorite memory of a past Christmas.


My favorite Christmas memory is when my grandma made soup. I could taste the warm fresh tomatoes and the strong smooth basil. The smell smelled like strong juicy tomato juice. The basil smell smelled like pine trees and always makes my stomach warm. My grandma's soup is my favorite Christmas memory.


My favorite christmas memory was when I would come downstairs to find lots or present under the tall, green, shimmering tree. When I would come downstair to find the presents they would be big or small,colorful or dull. There would be so many presents they would fill the room they are in. The tree they were under would be full of lights and ornaments and a big bright star on top. The presents would have ribbons of all colors on them. The Christmas presents are my favorite Christmas memory.


My favorite Christmas memory was when my mom and I made chocolate & caramel Christmas brittle. I would watch my mom smash the peanuts in a baggie with a rolling pin. The funny part was the brittle tasted minty even though there was no mint extract in my mouth. I also liked to buy the snowflake shaped Ritz Crackers just to get in the holiday spirit. My favorite part was when my mom would let me lick the spoon full of melted milk chocolate. This is my favorite Christmas memory because it reminds me of all the fun times I shared with my mom and family.


My favorite Christmas memory is watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. The sweet hot chocolate drizzled down my throat. The movies brought a lot of Christmas memories to my heart. The tasty marshmallows were puffy and warm from the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate boiled in my stomach. Movies and hot chocolate are my favorite Christmas memory.


My favorite Christmas memory is when Jaden and I would sing "Happy Birthday Jesus" at my grandparents church every Sunday before Christmas. Jaden and I would practice the song for hours the day before we performed it at church. My favorite part about singing at my grandparents church was when Jaden and I finished our song all the people would stand up and applaud. When Jaden and I sang together we would look at each other the entire time. Jaden and I had guitars so when we would practice we would try to play the song while we were practicing it. This is my favorite Christmas memory because I got to spend lots of time with my Grandma Connie, my Papa Al, and my cousin Jaden. Singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" with Jaden is my favorite Christmas memory.


My favorite Christmas memory was waking up in the living room and opening the best gift -And most surprising- ever. For that Christmas I asked for a phone and when I woke up I walked in my parents room to find both of my brothers yelling at me, "Finally!" I ran into the living room to see all the presents wrapped in all kinds of wrapping paper from fish to Santa Clauses head, to swimming fish. I sorted out all the presents to find no presents small enough to have a phone in it. I had one big one so I was pretty excited about that one. I decided to open the rest first and the big one last. First I got some Cyclones clothing, then I got some football pajamas. The last one was of course my big one. I opened it as fast as I could. I got passed the wrapping paper to find another box. I looked at my parents and they urged me to keep going. I opened that box to find a little white box that said "IPhone" on it. Jaw dropped, I went over to my parents and hugged them for 5 minutes.


My favorite Christmas memory is when I got a mini pool table but it had attachments so you could have more things to play with. I remember walking in and going to where I usually sit. When everybody was sitting down then we would start to give the gifts. I see Papa get up ,and go down the hallway,and then I see him coming down the hallway with a big gift. He leans it against the wall. I asked,"Who is that for, Papa?"

"It is your's,"replied Papa.So when we got to open our gifts I decided to open the big gift last. When I was done I got up and started to unwrap it and then I saw what it was and I was so happy. My favorite Christmas memory is getting my multiple game table.


My favorite Christmas memory is when I was in the car with my dad and I saw my mom on the interstate. Through the window I saw a cat tower. I yelled out the window "did we get a cat for Christmas?" My mom said, "Maybe, maybe not ". So the rest of the weekend I was wondering if I got a cat. When it was Christmas day I heard a meow. I asked my mom if I could go into her room she said "sure " so as I opened the door, and a small grey kitten ran out of the door . I was so excited. Then I ran to my mom and said "thank you so, what is the name my mom said" Carlos " . That was my own first pet so I will always have that as my favorite Christmas memory .




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