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Conservation-Here Are A Couple of Updates By: Kevin Williams, Grundy County Conservation Director

April 4, 2019
Reinbeck Courier
We have been getting a lot of calls into the office about park and campground conditions. The entrance gates have been closed at Wolf Creek Recreation Area and Grundy County Lake. There is a good reason for this. If you have been on gravel roads this late winter/ early spring, you know what shape they have been in with the melt off. Closed gates keep our soft park drives from getting in that shape. They are still open to foot traffic during that time. I can happily report that we opened the gates at Grundy County Lake on Friday after having three loads of rock to the bad areas. I do ask (basically keeping my fingers crossed) that people stay to the rock areas and not venture too far onto the grassed edges in the coming weeks for very obvious reasons. Wolf Creek Recreation Area drive conditions are good and those entrance gates will be opening soon if not already once you are reading this. Again, staying on rocked areas is so critical as frost goes out of areas. Again, I am crossing my fingers that no one cuts across corners (or out across mowed areas) to keep us from needing to address the resulting ruts and other damage. The guys just finished up annual maintenance of wooduck nesting boxes. Boxes are checked and cleared of a multitude of things in preparation for nesting. In addition to old nests, they discover screech owls, squirrels, starlings, and this year there were two small raccoons that were calling one home. I have seen flocks of wooducks on the creeks and pairs swinging through the trees lately looking for the right home. I’ll give you the heads up that the bridge beside Wolf Creek Recreation Area is progressing with a lot of work being accomplished by PCI this winter. I’m afraid that getting to the entrance at the south end will require a few extra miles around for a good part if not all of the summer. It is a bother for park visitors but believe me it is not fun going around the horn for us either. Oh well, that’s progress and it has been in bad shape for a long time. And speaking of bridge projects, the bridge on Highway 175 at the very west edge of Morrison begins replacement April first (no that wasn’t April Fools), so our operations in and out of Morrison to our shop, offices, and the Grundy County Heritage Museum will be impacted for 4 to 5 months.


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