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The Envies !

May 16, 2019
Reinbeck Courier

The GR Environmental Science class is not one to sit back and let the world pass them by, oh no!. They have been a busy little bunch these past few weeks dabbling in the art of thespianism (I may have just made that word up?) as well as returning to Mother Nature and living off the fat of the land, or something to that effect.

A couple of weeks ago some of you may have watched some low budget award show such as the Oscars or the Golden Globe awards. Those televised events pale in comparison to the Envies. The Envies are a very prestigious highly coveted award to recognize achievements in cinematography in the area of environmental awareness. Each year, GR students and students around the globe .. OK maybe only GR students but none the less, students create movies to demonstrate environmental issues facing humans today. This year the focus was utilizing 'green screen" technology to demonstrate how the condition of planet would change if humans were to disappear from the planet.

The assignment was to show how the process of succession would cause mad-made structures to be reclaimed by mother nature and be returned back to the earth as the process of weathering and decay lead to their demise. It was a chance to show how humans have influenced the planet and how our unnatural synthetic structures would disappear over time and how the flora and fauna would change as well.

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You can't create cinema graphic genius like this without some type of award show and so, the birth of the Envies gives us the chance to recognize their accomplishments. After watching each of the short (in some cases REALLY SHORT) videos, it was time to cast votes as to who's genius seemed to shine above the crowd. The best actor award went to Kaylee Young. The award for best cinematography was recognized for the collaborative efforts of Reagan Skovgard, Chloe Ritchey, Tyler Tscherter, and Sam Schildroth . Best supporting actor went to Sam Schildroth. Bringing home the Envie for most educational documentary was Madison Westwater, Emilee Pepe, and Madison Viiers. Best use of cinema graphic technology went to the group including Kaylee Young Gracey Nagle, and Jasmin Tervern.

It is possibly best that only a very small select audience was able to witness not only the movies themselves but the Envie awards as well. The Oscars and other award shows generate a great deal of wealth for the stars and all the people behind the scenes as well. If the Envies became open the general public, the economic loss would devastating. If people were able to be part of the Envies, those other award shows would go the way of the dinosaurs and the Do-do bird.

"Congrats" to all of our award winners. There was one more award we recognized, the "Golden

Rasberry Award" but the award will remain anonymous, it is for the movie that laid the biggest egg in the eyes of our judges. We will just keep that as our little secret.



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