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Conservation-Could You Live Without Them? By: Kevin Williams, Grundy County Conservation Director

October 31, 2019
Reinbeck Courier
My wife and I took a trip to Illinois Thursday through Sunday. Although not specifically a fall color trip, we did enjoy some beautiful scenes along the Illinois River. And upon our return, I found my phone full of messages from folks who read last week’s column on the Wooly Bear Caterpillar. OK, the truth be told no one left a message about that news column topic. It was a good excuse to talk about one of my grandsons, Will, however. As a follow up to last week’s column, I heard from my daughter-in-law, Kristin a little over a week ago. And it had to do with Wooly Bear Caterpillars. My grandson, Turner, had collected a caterpillar and had it in a fruit jar in the living room while watching television. His words “Don’t you agree this caterpillar is so cute?”. To which his mother responded “Yes, very!” Followed by Turner’s words again “I don’t think I could ever have a life without caterpillars”. And he was dead serious. So, included in the text was a picture of this seven-year-old with a caterpillar in one had and a Wii controller in the other (I think that controller would be in his hand 24/7 if his parents didn’t limit it). But this was a good excuse to include a pic in this week’s column, too. Turner does appreciate all things with two, four, six, or many more legs. He is always turning over logs and rocks looking for something. And you know, grandpa encourages it. What I had intended to write about this week were pheasants. This spring, I saw and heard more roosters. This summer, I saw more broods of pheasants than I had for several years. The roadside pheasant counts were up in many areas of the state including ours. With me gone over the weekend, what are the hunter reports for this past opening weekend? All the corn in the fields will make things more difficult for the next couple of weeks yet but I would be interested in hearing from some hunters as to how things went in the field. And if things go right, I might even have some grandson/grandfather pheasant hunting pictures to include in a news column this fall!

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