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Warmest Wishes for your Holiday Season

December 19, 2019
Reinbeck Courier

We'd like to wish you and your family peace and prosperity now and in the year to come. May this holiday be your best one yet and may your home and our community be blessed with all that Christmas brings.

Holiday Greetings with Christmas through the eyes of our children.

My Favorite Christmas Memory

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Jennifer Wrage's 6th Grade Class

My favorite Christmas memory is when my brother and I got a ladder and climbed up on our garage. We took a sled up there and we went sledding down the roof into a big drift. That's all we did that day. -Garrett.G

My favorite Christmas memory is going to my grandma's and opening presents. I love seeing my cousins open their presents because I like seeing what they get. I also love spending time with them because who doesn't love their family? It is the time of year to spend it with your family.

-Thomas K.

My favorite Christmas memory is when my cousin knocked over the side table by the couch. My family got her a Minnie Mouse four-wheeler for Christmas. We said that she could ride is downstairs in the basement. My cousin got a little carried away and hit the pedal too hard and ran into the table, causing a fake plant to fall. After that, my other cousin tried to eat the plant and my family all thought it was hilarious. Then we ate real food and had a really good Christmas.

-Brinn S.

My favorite Christmas memory is when it was Christmas Eve and I had just gone to bed. Suddenly there was a noise and I woke up, went downstairs, and my brother was asleep on the couch. I went upstairs and went to bed. I woke up and it was Christmas. I went downstairs and there was a fat box by the tree. I opened it and it was a bean bag chair.

-Evan P.

My favorite Christmas memory is last year's Christmas. There was lots of food: peanut clusters, cookies, and even chocolate dipped pretzels.There were, not to mention, lots of presents. It was at my grandma's house. Almost all of my close and distant family was there.

-Rowan S.

My favorite Christmas memory is going sledding with my family. We would ride down the dirt road and then curve into the ditch. My family and I went down the hill over and over again, but then we got tired of walking up the hill, so my grandpa tied a rope to the Jeep. We would hold on to the rope and my grandpa would pull us up. After that, we were all really cold, so we had hot chocolate.

-Kennedy B.

My favorite Christmas memory is when my sister wanted a new ipod. My mom and dad put it in a big box and put the ipod at the very bottom. They had put blankets and pillows over the bottom all the way to the top and filled the box. Then my sister opened the box and then it began. She kept pulling blankets out until she had gotten the ipod!

-Peyton Q.

My favorite Christmas memory is when we go to my aunt's house to open presents because I get to see all my cousins. We do a Secret Santa so I can watch them open the present I got my person.

-Jayla H.

My favorite Christmas memory is the last time my family got together for Christmas. My aunt was helping me build a Lego Star Wars X-Wing. My sister was playing with her new doll. All the grown ups were in the kitchen. It was nice.

-Wyatt S.

My favorite Christmas memory is making homemade Christmas cookies. The reason why I love making homemade Christmas cookies is that I get to make them with my family and we have fun making them. Also, I can decorate the cookies however I want. I can make it my own. The third reason is I love the different shapes that you can make the cookies and everyone can decorate them differently. Everyone's can be unique. The last reason why making homemade Christmas cookies is my favorite Christmas memory is because I can enjoy the holidays and I can enjoy them with my family.

-Lauren A.

My favorite Christmas memory is setting up the Christmas tree. Setting up the Christmas tree is my favorite Christmas memory because I get to spend time with my family and also we love to look at all the ornaments we have. I like to look at the little ornaments that my brothers and I made when we were little because we get a pretty good laugh looking at some of them!

-Ella T.

My favorite Christmas memory was when my sister, Ellie, and I were outside building a snow fort. My sister was in the fort. I was thinking I should get my dog and run on top of the fort so it collapsed on her. I got Jack, my dog,and ran as fast as I could. We smashed the top with Ellie in it! That was my favorite Christmas memory ever.

-Nathan S.

My favorite Christmas memory is the Schildroth Family Christmas because of all the food, but that's not the most important thing about the Schildroth Family Christmas. It's about the new friends and family. That's not my favorite though, my favorite is the game we play where my mom writes a story and when we hear the special word "right," then we pass our starting present to the right. If we hear the word "left," we pass our starting present to the left. But if we can't get through that, then we play another game where we have to flip a Hershey's Kiss or just a random cup. If we land it, we get to go to the second table and pick out a gift. Last year I got an Echo Dot with Alexa and you can play music. The best part is it's on Christmas Eve.

-Brock S.

My favorite Christmas memory is when my mom and my dad got my brother and I a tablet for Christmas. I was really happy because I was asking for one all Christmas and when my brother and I got it, oh boy, you should have seen our faces! I mean it was everything! I was so happy I couldn't wait to set it up. Later on in the day we went to Hibachi Grill for dinner.

-Matthew T.

My favorite memory from Christmas is the time my older brother, Alex, got a tissue box with money inside along with tissues. There were so many tissues on the ground, some still with money in it, that when Alex got all the tissues out they towered over Grandma's chair. I searched for more money and found 25 dollars!

-Johanna L.

My favorite Christmas memory is when we are done opening presents. We will take the Ranger with the sled behind us and go to our grandparents. We would go on a ride to the field and sled in that. We would go so fast! It was so fun.

-Kael B.

My favorite Christmas memory is once I was opening presents from my parents and I was unwrapping it. I didn't know it was a phone and my mom was calling it. I thought it was a toy for my baby sister!

-Dreyson M.

My favorite Christmas memory is when every year my family and I go to Kansas City for Christmas. Every year we go to Kansas City, Missouri, to watch my uncle's concert. We also go up to see our cousins, aunts, uncles, and our grandma. It is really fun. Besides going to the concert, I get to spend time with my family. The day before we go to the concert, we have our family Christmas where we open up presents that cousins, aunts, and uncles have given us.

-Elly S.

My Christmas Wish

Ashley Caslavka's 1st Grade Class

Levi B.- My Christmas wish is to make christmas cookies.

Kaiden D.- My Christmas wish is to go to the North Pole.

Valarie D.- My Christmas wish is to be with my little sister.

Vanessa D.- My Christmas wish is to be with my family.

Kinlee E.- My Christmas wish is to be with my family.

Owen G.- My Christmas wish is to be with my family.

Cheyanne G.- My Christmas wish is to go to a hotel.

Haylee H.- My Christmas wish is to be an elf.

Brantley J.- My Christmas wish is to spend time with my grandma and grandpa.

Emma J.- My Christmas wish is to have fun with my family.

May L.- My Christmas wish is to have a 10 day weekend.

Myra L- My Christmas wish is to make cookies.

RayLyn L.- My Christmas wish is to spend time with my grandpa and grandma.

Hunter M.- My Christmas wish is to be next to my family.

Kenzie M.- My Christmas wish is to spend time with my family.

Andrew M.- My Christmas wish is for everybody to be happy.

AJ S.- My Christmas wish is to spend time with my family.

Brody T.- My Christmas wish is to have fun with my family.

Kreed W.- My Christmas wish is to see my grandma and grandpa.

Rylan W.- My Christmas wish is to spend time with my cousins.

How Will You Celebrate Christmas? Lyn Purvis' 5th Grade Class

My family will be celebrating giving and the birth of Jesus. We will be getting together to a fun time. Getting together is the best part of Christmas. I hope everyone will have a great time this Christmas. - Ryleigh Bond

For Christmas I am going to my Grandpa and Grandma's house. I get to see my cousins and have a lot of fun. If there is snow on the ground I will go snowmobiling with my grandpa. I will play fun games with family and celebrate Jesus. -Kailey Larsen

This Christmas my family and I will have my family of 60 people over to our house on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning my grandma and grandpa will come over. Next we will make crispy coffee breakers and eat them. Then we will open presents and stockings. Finally we will have Christmas diner. - Avery Boyer

On Christmas first my family will open prezents. Then we go to our grandmas and open prezents and eat breakfast. We go in age order youngest to oldest. After that we go to my great grandma's house to see all of our family. Then we have a big luch and corse I still have to sit at the kids table. We go outside and play. Then we go home and play with our new stuff.

Prycely Bond

I will wake up see if I can find my elf on the shelf good bye note and then I will eat food. Also I will check my stocking first and presents. After that my brother and I will play with what we got for a long time and stop when it is lunch time. Then we play some board games. Next we might watch a movie and eat dinner. Last we go to bed. - Jayden Marshall

We will go to my family's house to eat. After we eat all the kids go off and play for awhile. Then the parents would get us together to open presents. Always the kids open there presents, then the adults play the passing game. After that my grandma plays a game with us where you pass a Saran Wrap ball around until the music stops. Then the preson with the ball get to take one sheet off. That's my Christmas. - Jada Cheville

In the morning before breakfast we open about 2 or 3 presents. Then we eat breakfast, then open the last of the presents and stockings. Then we visit our grandmas and bring them gifts.

Then we bake some sort of sweets and eat them at dinner. - Anthony Knaack

On Christmas morning we wait till my mom and dad are ready for us to open gifts. Then we open our stockings and gifts. First Santa's gifts and my parents. After everything is open we eat cinamin rolls. We say thanks and be grateful for what we have. That is how my Christmas morning goes. -Isabelle Ross

On Christmas day after my family wakes up we take gifts out of are Christmas stocking. Each person that I live with has a Christmas stocking even our animals. After that we open the presents. We eat breakfast with hot cocoa. After breakfast we play with our toys. Then we go outside and play in the snow if there is not a storm. - Sandra Larsen

We have cimmon rolls for brekfast after presents. Then we play with stuff we got then at the end of the day we have ham, potatoes, stuffing and green bean cassorole. And before we play with our toys our grandparents come over with the presents from them. Then we watch a cristmas movie. - Jackson Mendenhall

On Christmas day I will stay at home and open my presents and stockings. We will eat breakfast and I hope we have Swiss Miss Hot coco! For breakfast I hope we have pancakes with syrup and fruits. I hope I get what I wanted from my parents! -Brittany Polton

This Christmas i will go to my gramas. After i eat at home and go to chrch. Then i will go home and opin gith. Then i play with my new toys. And then i go to slepp. -Caleb Bowser

This Christmas I am going to my coisens house. We will open presents at my house frist and then have baken and eggs. Then we will get on the road and driveto my coisens house. Wants we get there we will have a good lunch. We will watch football and open out presents and go snowmobiling. -Brayden Utter

We will go to my families house and eat breakfast there. Then we open up gifts will wacth Christmas movies. Then we go to my grandma's house and spen gifts there and we eat lunch. I go back home and my family and I wacth the grinch and Christmas moview. After we put away all of our gifts. -Jadyn Mummelthie

This Christmas I am opening presents in the morning at my mom's house then after I am going to my dad's house to open presents. After we open presents we go to my Aunt's house. Later that night I go back to my mom's house and we drive over to grandmas to frost sugar cookies and drink a lot of hot chocolate with my family. When we are done we are going to listen to Christmas music and drive around town to look at lights. Then we go home and watch Christmas movies on the couch with our dogs. -Grace Brubaker

For Christmas this year with my Dad I am going to read the letter from Santa. After I read the letter I am going to open the presents from Santa and all the other presents. At my Mom's I am going to open the presents from my Mom and her boyfriend and the presents from Santa. We will play with our presents on Christmas eve at my mom's and my dad's my sister and I sleep in the living room and on Christmas night. We are also going to play in the snow.

-Autumn Carley

On Christmas day we well go down stairs. Then the first thing we will make hot coco. Then we well open presents from youngest to oldest. Then we will open are cat's presents.

- Joshua Utterback

We celebrate in my family that our whole family is safe and happy. On Christmas day Mom, Dad and I open our presents and we watch Christmas movies. Then my grandparents come to eat breakfast. Everyone bakes something and then we open presents from grandparents. I always make homemade presents for my family and they love it.

-Kinzee Rose Hemann

On Christmas I get to see my nephews, sisters and brother.The day before Christmas we go to see all the lites. This is the first Christmas I will have without my dad. I sometimes see a lot of my family and some years I do not see any of them. My family would never have cookies and coco by Christmas time as they are already gone. -Aiden Reese

At Christmas when I am with family we celebrate. We get our plates to get food. My favorite is my grandma's mashed potatoes and sweet corn. My grandpa reads the to and froms on the gifts. Chainde and I will pass them out. Then we get dessert to take home. We like Christmas movies too. - Blake Jeys

How Will You Celebrate Christmas? Sydney Kauten's 5th Grade Class

-Open presents and go to my uncle Tom's house to open gifts and eat a big breakfast (Aiden, 10)

-Open presents and then go to my relatives Christmas (Jenna, 10)

-Spend time with my cousins and family and open presents (Elly, 11)

-Open presents, eat breakfast, celebrate with my family, and go to my cousin's house (Tavin, 10)

-Go to my mom's and do secret Santa with my cousins (Desi, 11)

-Go to my cousins to open gifts (Kohen, 10)

-Wake up at my dad's and open presents and then go to my mom's and grandma's to open presents too (Alexis, 10)

-Open presents at my dad's house and then go to my mom's house, and then go to my other family member's house to open presents. (Ella, 11)

-Open presents at my mom's house and then open presents with other family members and celebrate my brother's birthday (Jasmine, 10)

-Open presents with family, eat at my grandma's house, and do a scavenger hunt. (Ayla, 10)

-Open presents with my family and go to my grandma's house (Tyson, 11)

-Open presents and do Christmas stuff. (Jude, 11)

-Open presents at my grandparents and eat breakfast and celebrate my sister's birthday (Gus, 10)

-Open presents and go to my cousin's house and aunt's house to open presents and eat Christmas dinner (Paili, 10)

-Open presents, eat breakfast and watch football. Go Vikings! (Juan, 10)

-Open presents at my moms and then I have to go to my dads and then I will eat supper at my grandparents (Haylee, 10)

-Open presents and eat breakfast and go to my grandma's house (Mileigh, 11)

-Open presents, eat breakfast, facetime my grandparents and go to my cousins to do secret santa (KInzie, 10)

-Look for my elf, watch youtube and eat breakfast, open presents, and spend time with my family and text my friends (Karson, 10)

My Christmas Tree Lindsay Plett's 4th Grade Class

Last year, me and my family went and got a {real} tree from Menards in Marshalltown. Once we got home and decorated it, it looked very pretty and I put an angel on top! A few years ago we {my family} had gotten all the decorations up except the tree so we decorate the tree with things we made at school and ornaments we bought and had from many years ago. Once we were done it was shining bright through the window and my little sister got to put up the star. We once got a fake tree and my brothers put the star on top but it felt like we all did it together ...with Love! By Trinity Aneweer

I always every year i get to pick an ornament that I like. Then we put up are tree and decorate the tree then i get to put on the star. Then get to put on the ornament then the candy canes. By Shakya Bents

My christmas tree is big and bright it is to my ceiling. We probably have at least 80 ornaments and decorations it takes about an hour to set it up. Mine is an electric tree. It has a big star on the top. By Kale Brymer

Christmas is so fun especially when you put up the tree with your family. We always put up candy canes and after christmas is over we eat the candy canes. My family has all sorts of ornaments like jet ski ornaments, baby ornaments, and teenage mutant ninja turtle ornaments. By Elliott Coster

My christmas tree was bravely jumped on by a brave cat named Leo. But it fell on him. So now we have an ornament of a cat scratching the side of the tree. By Keegan Hurley

My Christmas tree is so special because we do it together as a family. I have so much glitter on my tree because I like glitter so much. I have so many lights to I LOVE CHRISTMAS. By Kilee Jensen

My Christmas tree is fake and white it has red ornaments. We still have to get candy canes for our tree. We had some but we ate them all. It has a train going around it. By Hayden Jones

On our christmas tree we put lights on it and lots of ornaments. We also put special ornaments on the tree. Then the last thing we do is put the Angel on the top of the tree. By Katelyn Koopman

We do NOT have many ornaments on our tree because we have a small Christmas tree because we live in in apartment. Our Nana gave it to us last year because my mom doesn't like real trees. So it is in our apartment. We all like it because won't have to take it up 2 flights of stairs.

Also we like it because we don't have to buy a BIG tree for some money. I'll tell you 5 reasons we have a FAKE tree.

So we don't have to lift it up all the stairs

Our Nana gave it to us

My mom doesn't like real trees

It is SUPER light

It is SUPER helpful because it does not take all of our space

So there are 5 reasons we have a fake tree. Also it was a gift from my mom's mom. It is small, so we had to put it on a stool. We all like it alot. Last Christmas we lived in a real house so we had a real tree. By Atley Schellhorn

My Christmas tree is a tiny pink tinsel tree. We got it from our nana, last year. Every year my Aunt Cathrine always gives us little personal ornaments. This year they were sugar mice. Sugar mice are from a book Nana has. Next year we will have a real tree, but this year we are building a house and live in an apartment, so we didn't have time to get a real tree. By Sorel Schellhorn

My Christmas tree is a fake tree. The special ornament is a wooden angel. Instead of a star, we put an angel. By Kaeden Schunk

My family has a fake Christmas tree that we put ornaments on our Christmas tree. Then we put the star on as a family. By Bennett Sieh

My grandma and I put up the christmas tree together. She lets me pick the first ornaments, I always pick my favorite, the one with a horse on it. When we are halfway decorating we have hot chocolate and then we get back to work. I like to put my homemade christmas ornaments on the tree and my grandma lets me! When were done decorating I put ribbon on. When we are finished my grandma grabs a chair and I stand on it and put the angel on! Finally were done. By Tatum Syhlman

My family puts our Christmas tree in the Living room. Our presents are under it. Then on Christmas we open presents by it. By Camden Thede

My family puts up a special family picture. We make a new one every year. We put up the star after christmas so that we can see it for the rest of the month. Sometimes we keep it up all year and we put up different ornaments so it looks nice all year. By Brianne Wiles

When we put up our Christmas tree all 5 of our cats are like what is happening. Also after the first 7 days all of the Christmas shopping will be done so the presents will be sitting on the ground and it looks like they really do belong. Whenever I look at the tree I feel happy inside because I know that it is almost Christmas. And this year we are gonna have these cool ornaments they have like your first birthday 2010. By Nevaeh Schmitt

Santa Please Bring Me Kathy Etringer's Kindergarten Class

Collin Utter - a phone

Cael Theesfeld - a Nintendo Switch

JeniRose Syhlman - a big Barbie house

Julius Rhodes - a truck you can sit in and drive

Wyatt Northcott - a little drone

Evan Muller - a hoverboard

Trystan Morris - a Santa toy

Willa Monaghan - a Little Pet Shop

Marshall Lewis - a Santa

Kylie Larsen - a new bike

Vaede Johnson - an Elf on the Shelf

Bentley Heise - a toy roller coaster

Olivia Baker - a toy baby

Jon Dixon - Bumble Bee

Favorite Christmas Tradition Holly Fleshner's 3rd Grade Class

Haven: My favorite Chrstmas tradition is I go to my aunt's on a certain day for Christmas.I like to play with my cousins.

Reese: My favorite tradition is my sister, Brinn, and I make a snow fort. I like it because Brinn and Iget to spend time together. Sometimes we sleep in the fort.

Amya: My favorite Christmas tradition is making cookies with Addi, Jada, and Claire. I love baking and hanging out with my aunt and sisters at my Grandma's house. We each get an apron.

Tommy: Decorating cinnamon rolls. I like it because it tastes delicious.

Jon: Spending time with my mom because we have fun together.

Harper: I like playing the saran wrap game. I like playing that game because we play with socks on your hands. It is fun getting stuff from the ball.

Briana: Opening presents because it is fun.

Gage: My favorite tradition is making cookies with my Grandma because I don't get to see her much.

Megan: Going to Grandma Teri's house because it is fun.

Malakai: Decorating cookies because I get to see my family.

Nessa: Watching Polar Express because we always make cookies to watch it.

Karina: Every Christmas I either go over to my grandparents for Christmas or they come over to our house. It is fun to spend time with them. We get to make tea rings and get to go give them to our neighbor who lives next door. Plus I don't really get to see them so that is why it is fun to have them for Christmas.

Brayden: I go to my grandma's house and eat food and have all the family over. Then we go to the Memorial Building in Gladbrook. We invite everyone from our family. We eat a lot of food. And then we do Christmas crafts like make Christmas trees. We play and we go home and put up our Christmas decorations.

Favorite Christmas Tradition Marcia Koester's 3rd Grade Class

My favorite Christmas tradition is opening presents on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day and we play with them. Karli

Every Christmas we do a secret santa gift exchange in my family. It's where we give a random person a gift. It has to be $30 or more. I like it because it's a fun surprise of what I get each year. Macklin

My favorite Christmas tradition is making gingerbread houses. A couple days before Christmas my whole family helps make one. Nevaeh

My favorite Christmas tradition is the gift exchange at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. We will pull a name out of a hat and you give a gift to that person. Lena

Nana, mom, papa, and me go to my Aunt's house on Christmas Eve and give presents to each other. Then we eat dinner and dessert. Next, we make a gingerbread house. Ali and I go upstairs and play with her furbies. After we are all tired we go home and go to bed and wait for Santa. Sophie Anne

My tradition is going to Grandma Char's house on Christmas day. I get to have fun and play with my family. Caleb

My favorite holiday tradition is setting up my Christmas tree. I like that the ornaments are shiny and sparkly and the star is very shiny. Abby

Every year we go to my Aunt Linda's house on Christmas Eve. We do a gift exchange some people bring not fun stuff to be funny. Some people bring fun stuff. Brayton

Every year my grandma gives us an animal ornament. I love it because you don't know what you are going to get. It could be a fox, dog, or hedgehog. You just don't know. One time I got a dog in a tutu. This year I got a raccoon in a Santa costume. Mai

After Christmas or before we go to my Aunt Julia's house. We open presents and play games. We have a guessing game and the boys always win. My sister always can't guess the Grinch's dog. And of course it's Max! It is fun there. Laken

My favorite Christmas tradition is we have a family dinner at my pops side. The dinner is after presents. I get to see my cousin Cory and my grandparents. Every year I bring oreo fluff. I get to smash the oreos. My Uncle his special recipe beef - it is good! Jax

My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas Eve my family plays a game to open gifts. If you guess the right number you get to open that gft. Keygan

My elf. His name is Spikey and there's another elf named Spikey's friend and he belongs to my family. Spikey moves every night. Braiden

I like seeing what is in my stocking at the bottom. On Christmas Day I open presents and scream. My elf is Snowflake and she gives me books every year she comes. Dally

My Christmas Wish Nicole Creswell's 1st Grade Class

Matthew A. - getting to spend time with my family

Berkley B. - to spend time with my family

Grace B. - spending time with my mom

Landon E. - my cousins come over when Christmas comes

Easton F. - to have the best Christmas ever and for my dad not to cancel Christmas

Grant F. - to give my dog a million hugs and kisses

Owen H. - that my cousin is nice to me

Layla H. - my elf sleep in my bed with me on Christmas Eve

Amelia J. - to spend time with my family

Zayden K. - to spend time playing games with my family

Analise L. - spend the night with my cousins

KayAnna M. - spend time with my friends Addison and Kinzlee

Julia M. - my family to have a nice Christmas

Elijah P. - to spend the night at a hotel

Kiley P. - is to watch Frozen 2 with Grace

Jack R. - for my brother to come to Christmas

Reese S. - to spend time by myself with grandma and grandpa

Rylee T. - that people in the hospital have a good Christmas

Charlie W. - to have time to play with my Barbies

What Christmas Means to Me Brenda Egesdal's 2nd Grade Class

Christmas means celebrating Jesus' birthday. ~ Laney M.

Christmas means Jesus' birthday and I pray on Christmas for him. ~ Dustin B.

Christmas means like a birthday and I like to open presents. ~ Jonah M.

Christmas means the day that Jesus was born and Jesus' birthday. ~ Grayson R.

Christmas means to me giving to people that don't have much. I love giving. ~ Sawyer F.

Christmas means to open presents and give presents. ~ Sydnee C.

The meaning of Christmas is Baby Jesus. ~ Eliana N.

The meaning of Christmas is spending time with your family. ~ Drake R.

Christmas means hanging out with my family. ~ Landon M.

Christmas means giving presents. ~ Wyatt B.

Christmas means to give people presents. ~ Paisley W.

Christmas means to me God's birthday. ~ Dylan D.

Christmas means to give gifts and receive gifts. ~ Owen G.

The meaning of Christmas is being with your family. ~ Mason T.

Christmas means to celebrate God's birthday. ~ Levi S.

What Christmas Means to Me Chris Ciddio's 2nd Grade Class

Lina--Christmas means to me that you get to open presents. You get to go out and eat.

Paige- Christmas means that on Christmas I go to my grandma and grandpa's house and we get presents and we eat food and pie.

Eric-Christmas means to me that I get to spend time with my family. I also get to open presents with my brother and sisters.

Kaylee- Christmas means to me.....I like helping to get presents. I also like it because of a tradition we do. For the tradition we go to more than one Christmas. It's a fun tradition. It means to me also because I have one of the proper needs in Christmas and that need is love.

Quinn-Christmas means having fun with your family and grandparents, watching movies, reading Christmas books,opening presents, putting the tree up and having fun.

Teagan-Christmas means celebrations and snow. Even Santa! Christmas trees, wreaths, and even presents!

Allen-Christmas means to me that I spend my time with my family and open presents. We have fun.

Wyatt-Christmas means having my cousins over and seeing all the fun presents they get. My family tradition is making gingerbread houses.

Sophia-Christmas means Jesus' birthday, spending time with my family and opening presents.

Eastyn-Christmas means to me that I get to spend time with my cousins and grandpa and grandma. I get to eat good food.

Mason-- Chrstmas means that you get to open presents and you get to spend time with your family.

Georgia-What Christmas means to me is family because our family eats dinner with us.

Carter- Christmas means family and friends because they are there for you. I also like presents.

Dayton-Christmas means family, friends, getting to open presents and having fun with each other.

Dalton-Christmas means spending time with family and opening presents and all the decorations.

Christmas Stories Pattie Bailey's 4h Grade Class

Ice Cream and Decorating

by Alexis Volkens

"Knock knock."

"Come in, you can step inside if you want," said Kent.

"What would you like? Would you like a magazine?" said the Schwann's guy.

"Yes, thank you," said Kent.

"Hmmm& let's see here. What should I get?" Kent said.

"Can we get the chocolate marshmallow ice cream please, please, pretty please?" asked Alexis.

"Yes, Alexis ," said Natalie.

Kent said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," said the Schwann's guy.

"Hey, everybody! Let's decorate the tree. Ella, can you get the kids?" said Natalie.

"Come on, Alexis! Come on, Cael! Come on, Jase! Come on, Willow! We are decorating the tree!" hollered Ella.

"Why don't you put on the homemade ornaments ?rst," said Natalie. Natalie ?uffed out some of the branches.

Alexis said, "Willow, please give me my blue homemade ornament. I need to put that on the tree."

"Here you go," said Willow. Alexis put it on the tree.

Everyone put their ornaments on the tree. Then Natalie balanced a reindeer at the very top of the Christmas tree. When they turned on the Christmas tree lights, it was really pretty.

Lots of Presents!

by Grayson Young

One Saturday after I woke up I asked, "What are we doing?"

"We have to go to Walmart to get the presents out of layaway, Grayson," Mom said. After we got there mom said, "You guys go walk around so we can get the presents." So my sister and I went to walk around because mom and dad had to put all of the presents in the truck and car. It took a long time and it was really just us walking around in the Christmas stuff. "That is cool, but it's too expensive," I said.

After a while we went to go sit down, but as soon as we did, we had to meet my mom by the crafting stuff so we got to sit for about 10 seconds. We only talked to mom for a little bit because she had to go help my dad. "We just have about 10 more presents left to put in the truck," she said.

When we got home mom and dad went into the bedroom so they could wrap the presents. At ?rst they came out with big presents, but they got smaller. We had three wrapping papers: for Apollo we got Paw Patrol, for my sister Harry Potter, and for me Avengers. For mom and dad?They have Merry Christmas wrapping paper.

After a long long time my mom came out with this huge tool gift and I had to help wrap it. We didn't have anywhere to put it so we just put it in front of the tree and it blocked Apollo from the tree. Later when we were trying to get Apollo asleep, he got up and ripped a little off the present. "Apollo!," Sis yelled.

Christmas after Thanksgiving

by Layne Geiger

I was at the Petty Thanksgiving. My cousins were there and my dad came and lunch was good. Then we left so we could get some stuff from the old house. We went to town.

When we were in Walmart, we were in the Christmas part. We got our tree and went to McDonalds. We went home and put the tree up. My cat was in the box messing around in the box.

Warm and Cozy under the Tree

by Addison Ross

I love when my parents go in the basement to wrap all of the presents. I was so excited when my mom and dad brought all the presents upstairs because then Izzy and I get to organize the presents and guess what we are getting.

Every night my sister and I organize the presents under the tree. We also guess what we think is in our gifts and sometimes we know exactly what we are getting. Well, we think that we know exactly what we are getting, but we never know what the big ones are.

Every year we each have our own sides that we organize when we set up the tree. On Christmas Day we get all of our presents on our side and then we can open our presents.

Every Christmas morning my mom and I make these pecan rolls with a caramel drizzle on the top. They are so good! And mostly every day my elf would be in the living room on the tree or on the presents in the living room. My sister and I love drinking hot cocoa right before we look for the elf and right before we organize the presents so that we feel warm and cozy.

A Surprise under the Tree

by Autumn Roberts, 2019

ETHAN! Ethan! WAKE UP! I shouted.


To ?nd our elf! Remember?" I said to my brother Ethan.

Ok.Ok. Calm down, Autumn," he told me.

Fine, but hurry up. You have to take out the dog too," I said to him.

After that I went to the living room and wrote in my notebook, tapping the ?oor with my toes, sitting in my favorite red chair.

"I'm taking out the dog now."

I looked over. My brother stood there bundled up for a snow storm.

Have fun!" I said to him as he left out the door with the dog on the leash. Our family has a dog. She is a chihuahua named Coco.

When Ethan came in he took off his winter stuff and went in the other room. I looked over. Coco was looking at a small red ornament near the bottom of the tree. Her eyes looked like they had confusion in them.

ETHAN! I called as he came out of the other room. We looked over and & COCO! we shouted together. Our grandparents came in the living room and saw Coco licking the small red ornament at the bottom of the tree.

She's adorable," said my grandpa. Coco was just lying under the Christmas tree.


by Chad Gutknecht

My dad said we gotta go get the tree so we can have Christmas. On Christmas morning I am so excited! And I got what I wanted - a Hoverboard! I am so excited!!!!!!!!

Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa

by Lohgan Lauterbach, 2019

My mom told me the tradition in her family was that she and her siblings would call their grandma and grandpa and they would take turns every year calling them. My mom had three siblings "So it wasn't a big ?ght," mom told me. "We would call early in the morning and ask them to come over and open presents." When grandma and grandpa came grandma would always have her fur hat on. "We had a cat and grandma's hat looked like a cat rolled into a ball on top of her head!" my mom said, as she was laughing. This is the story she told me about one Christmas.

"I wonder when they're gonna be here?" I said as I was looking out the window.

"Any time now," dad would say. A couple minutes later. . . . "Ding-dong".

"Grandma! Grandpa!" I said.

"How's my favorite grandchildren?" as grandpa bustled through the door. Mom and I gave them a great big squeeze.

"Where's the others?" Grandpa asked me.

"Upstairs" I said.

"Then call them down here!" Grandma and Grandpa said at the same time. Mom shouted, " Kids come and see Grandma and Grandpa. They're waiting for you!"

"Ok" Randy said.

"Yeah I'm coming," Julie said.

"Just a sec!" Tammy shouted!

"Wow! It's like bulls coming down those stairs!" Grandpa chuckled.

"We have some presents for you," Grandma said.

"After we eat," my mom said.

"You're making me more anxious!" Randy said as he was placing out games.

"What games are we playing"? Grandma asked Randy.

"UNO" Randy said.

"Then let's play that until your mom is done making the meal!"

"Ok that sounds fun" Randy said."

"I colored as my mom made lunch." My dad and Grandpa talked about how crops were doing and things on the farm and a bunch of boring stuff.

A couple hours later "Dinner's ready!" Mom said with relief.

"Come on I was just about to win this game!" Randy said. I ?nished my coloring just in time and Julie and Tammy were talking about what they were gonna get for Christmas and gossip at school.

"Come on this dinner is gonna get cold if you keep talking!" Mom said with a grin.The kids came up and they all served themselves.

"Mmmm this is yummy to my tummy". Grandpa said.

"Thank you" my mom said.

After dinner my mom spent some time washing the dishes and we got anxious for her to be done.

"Time to open presents!" mom said as she was wiping a cloth on her forehead.

"Yay" I said. As we gathered around the Christmas tree. Grandma and Grandpa struggled getting on the ?oor. It made me giggle a bit. I opened presents ?rst. "Wow!" I said. "It's a sleeping bag in a desert theme?" I was trying to act amazed and happy but it looked like sarcasm! "Thanks, grandma and grandpa."

"I'm glad you like it!" grandma said.

It was Julie's turn to open presents and she got a Snoopy sleeping bag! "Thank you!" Julie said. "What?!" I said in my brain. So anyway we went in a circle opening gifts until there was nothing under the tree but some needles that fell from it.

We all went back to talking and bragging and joking about our gifts. It was a really fun time and at 9:00 my grandparents had to go back home so we all said goodbye and gave each other big hugs. That's how my mom spent her Christmas as a kid.

Watch out!

by Devin Boldt, 2019

One day my mom was baking Christmas cookies with her mom for their Wrage Christmas. When they where cooking they gathered all their stuff that they were going to take and put it in totes to take to the Wrage Christmas. When the cookies were done, they loaded every thing up. The party started at 12:00. When they got there they unpacked and took every thing in.

''Hi, grandma. How have you been?'' said Jessie.

''I have been well," Grandma said.

Once every one arrived, they ate. While they were eating, their basset hound named Barney and their grandma's mini-poodle named P.J. were running around in circles chasing each other


Emma Marquand, 2019

''Let's set up the Christmas tree," said Emma.

"ok," said Mom.

We set up the Christmas tree but did not have lights. We had to use bad lights.

Grandma had more lights so she gave them those and when Mom got home she took all the ornaments off and put the new lights on.

And theydid not work! The next day she got new lights, and she had to take all the ornaments off againand this time the tree was covered with lights.

"Good, it looks great!" said Mom.

"I know!" said Hannah.

"Great!," said Emma.

"Cool," said Jonah. And we put all the ornaments back on the tree and we watched Christmas movies and drank hot cocoa.

And we made cookies and we ate them and went to sleep.

My Cat's First Christmas


It was the ?rst day of school and I went to Emma's house to get a cat. It was a boy so we named him Kye. In November 2019 my mom said, "We should put up a small tree so we can see how Kye reacts to the tree."

I said, "Sure! That's a great idea!" So my mom put the tree up when I was at my dad's. She put it up without ornaments and when I came back from my dad's there was green stuff EVERYWHERE under the tree!

Christmas Trees

by Maddie Bergmann, 2019

One year my mom, my stepdad, my brothers,my sisters and I all got two Christmas trees one year and used one for each level of our house people could see. We used one for the downstairs for the presents and pretty decorations.We used the other one upstairs and used it for all of the ornaments that all of us have made over the school years. We made our ornaments at school using paper glue glitter and our school picture photo.

Four of my siblings and I decorate the kids tree every year the grownups only help put that tree up and get out ornaments out.The tree downstairs only my parents and oldest sister help decorating that one. That one is the more important one because the ornaments are fragile,The one upstairs is also fragile but the ornaments don't break as easy.

One day my mom said "How about we get two Christmas trees this year." "We will put one upstairs every year and have the kids put their ornaments on it,we will add ornaments as the kids get older and make more things to put on the tree. We will use the other one by the wall where the windows meet in the living room, we will use that one for store bought ornaments and that one will be the tree we put presents under."

We all thought it was a good idea"I like your idea!" said JB "Perfect" cried Ryder. "Great!" yelled Lane.

"Awesome!" screamed Nevada.

"Cool!" said Rilynn excitedly. "Amazing!" I said happily.

So that's what we have been doing for the last four years. We have been setting it up and decorating when all of us are there. We always make sure that we have the windows open that are nearer to the road so the people driving by can see the tree. We live by a T intersection so lots of people drive by.

The tree upstairs is also facing the road so people can see that tree to is they look up at the upstairs window. Those window curtains are always open. The tree upstairs has Christmas lights but so does the one downstairs.

This year we are going to have to buy lights because the ones that come on the tree are broken the ones downstairs are working though. My step dad and sister worked on it last night but couldn't get them to work. We are decorating the tree tomorrow afternoon when all of us get home. But it will take us a while to do that because you can only put your own ornaments on so we have to sort them. We have a lot of ornaments! We have had lots of time to make them!

Ages Rilynn:15 Nevada:12 Lane:10 Maddie(Me):9 Ryder:8 and JB:7

Beautiful Ornaments

By Kooper Larsen

"When should we put up our Christmas tree?" said Kaliey.

"Today," said Mom, "because we have nothing to do today."

So when we got home Dad went and got the Christmas tree from the basement. They put some lights in the living room. We put up the Christmas tree. Kailey and Dad put up the lights around the tree. When we put the ornaments up Kylie dropped an ornament and hundreds of pieces of glass went everywhere. We all just stared. We had to pick it up. We ?nished putting up the ornaments.

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, No! The Christmas Tree

by Ryanne White

One day I was helping my mom put up the Christmas tree. My mom went upstairs to get more ornaments. I went to go get a chair so I can reach the top to put the last few ornaments on, but, little did I know that chair was wobbly. I proceeded to step on the chair. THUD! My mom ran downstairs. "Are you ok?" she said. "Yeah" I said. After that we started on the house decorations (It took forever!) in the the hallway, I had to go get a chair for my brother so he could help me put up lights in the hallway. I got the folding chair for him. Well, he almost fell, but then I had to get him a non-folding chair. When we were done we cooked cookies, and they were so gooey! Yummmmm. We watched a Christmas movie, and I fell asleep pretty fast.

Two Sisters and the Christmas Tree

Sawyer 2019

One day in the middle of November, I asked mom if we can put up the Christmas tree and mom said, "First clean up!" and I said, "Ok, mom."

After Quinn and I got done cleaning up, we asked Mom if we can put up the tree now and Mom said, "Ok". So Quinn and I went down in the basement to get the tree and the ornaments.

The Broken Ornament

Nolan Mathern, 2019

One Christmas morning my baby brother got up and woke my mom and dad. "When is Brandon going to wake?" whispered Gannen. Then I woke up. Then my other brother woke up because of all our voices and our walking around. Then we went downstairs and got the presents. They were labeled so we knew what ones were ours. We put our presents in a pile and opened them one by one as our parents videoed us. After we're done, we cleaned up the wrapping paper.

After opening our presents we went to our grandparents house. We parked in the driveway. It was cold so we ran inside. Then we hugged our grandparents and cousins. Like always my cousins asked me to play hide and seek so & I did. After lunch we opened presents.

When my older brother went up to get his gift, he knocked the tree a little. One of the ornaments knocked off and broke. My grandpa super-glued it and put it back on the tree. We started opening gifts again.

One Christmas

LaKenze Shipley, 2019

We were going home from Waterloo because our mom picked us up from school and we saw lights in the house and so we walked inside the room were the Christmas tree was decorated with lights hanging up around the room. An elf and a book were on the table

We learned we can not touch the elf. "She picked her own name. It was Heart Sparkles," said Tatum.

The Next Day

"She would always stay in the tree but move in different places, most of the time she would make cookies in the tree. "

Once we could not ?nd her and mom found a note. It had a clue on it where the next clue is - it was in the upstairs bathroom. It said the next clue is where you do laundry. It was in the laundry room. Then the next clue said it's in a place where the baby sleeps. It was in the baby's room on her dresser.

The next clue said that it is where you open presents - she was hidden in the Christmas tree

The day before Christmas!!

We were playing games before we went downstairs to see what the elf had done when mom had woke up she woke all the others up to go see what the elf had done. She silly-stringed the tree and made popcorn and got into candy and the cookies!

When mom was making breakfast she asked me and Tatum cleaned the elf's mess up from the popcorn and candy and cookies. She got into the only thing is we took an oven mitt and moved her so we could clean the mess up. Then we had to clean off the tree from the silly string

Once we were done we went to a family thing when we got home we got to open two presents. It was a blanket and candy and pj's. We moved our mattresses into our parents room and watched a movie.

In the morning we were watching a movie till mom and dad got up. Dad was the last one. We went in the hall where there were paper strips all the way down the stairs. We went under them the tree was covered with it too and the whole living room and dining room were full of presents. We got really cool things.

My Favorite Christmas Memory Megan Welter's 6th Grade Class

My favorite christmas is when we get up and go to church or open presents. One year we got up went to church sang lots of songs then went home. When we got home I could smell the christmas dinner and coffee. I had everyone meet up by the christmas tree so we could open presents. The christmas tree was bright with lights and ornaments we all get every year . When it's my turn I opened my present smallest to biggest and one of my of my presents was an Ipad, I was so happy!


My favorite Christmas memory is me at my grandma's house on the couch eating macaroni. It tasted so good it was the best macaroni I ever tasted. When I got done with 3 servings of that I had a piece of blueberry pie. That tasted good and that was the first time she ever made that pie. Then, I went to go play with the smelly dogs. Even though there really smelly, there so cute and fluffy and playful. The dogs names were Dakota, Oakly, Chyanne, and Bob. I love them all. Whenever I scratch one of them they all come to me and start rolling over on the snow. When I went to go back inside the dogs were right behind me. So I quickly opened the door and shut it. When I shut the door I could slightly hear the dogs whimpering and the grown-ups talking as usual and the kids playing on the Xbox. I have no idea what they were playing, so I went to go see. They were playing a car game. It was where they drove on a race track trying to beat each other by going around the track 3 times. I went back in the living room and talked with the grown-ups. I had a good time with that talking with my grandma and grandpa aunts and uncles, and some of my cousins. Then I played cards with my grandma and 2 cousins. Then we worked on a fort that we made. I was tired after that so I sat down and eventually I fell asleep. Then I woke up on the couch. My mom said time to go. So I left. That was my favorite Christmas memory.


On Christmas Eve of 2015, I was just like every seven-year-old, I could not sleep. But I finally fell asleep. When I woke up at 5:00 AM on Christmas day I went into my mom's room and woke her up [she was not happy]. Next, I ran downstairs to see the big Christmas tree and presents. I started to shake my presents rapidly. Then I grabbed this one present I ripped it open then saw it was a brand new phone. I had been begging my mom for a phone.

"Thanks, mommy," I said

"I know that I am the best mom right," she said

"Well, I don't know," I said with a laugh

I was so excited, that when I got to school after Christmas break I had to tell everyone.


My fav. X-mes memory was when I got my x box.So we sellab xmas late my first present I opened was an xbox which was amazing.


My favorite Christmas memory is the time I got my popcorn popper. It was around 6:00pm on Christmas eve my family was all here and we sorted our Christmas presents and we just started opening our presents my the first present was clothing. The second present was a drone the third present was candy and the last was candy to. Everybody was out of presents that is when my dad went into the garage to grab a big present. I dug into it and it felt like glass and metal and I was shocked to see that it was a popcorn popper.Right away I asked if we could make a batch of popcorn. Once it was ready it smelt like butter and Christmas dinner. I grabbed a handful of popcorn and it tasted like buttery popcorn. It tasted so good. I thanked my mom and dad for it. Then we ate the rest of the popcorn and then we went to bed.

-Wyatt G.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is going to my Great Grandma's on Christmas Eve. It always smelled good in her house because of all the food that we were making. We would decorate sugar cookies with my Great Grandma, eat a few, then put them out for Santa along with a glass of milk. Then a bit later into the night my Uncle and Great Uncle would take my brothers and I to drive around and "find" Santa and his Sleigh. We would never find Santa but when we got back he had came to the house, ate the cookies, and left us all presents. All of my family would sit around the living room and take turns opening presents, and my Great Uncle would play the organ while we all danced around laughing and singing along.


My favorite christmas memory is when I wake up I sit down and watch a couple of movies and then I go down stairs and my mom dad sister and dogs are all down there and they were waiting so when i got down there they said let's open the presents ok let's do i said all I could hear is laughter paper ripping the smooth wrapping paper it took us a good 20 minutes to get all the presents then after that we ate a christmas dinner and then we started un packaging and using our toys i got a bike a game and others


One of my favorite Christmas memories is the one at my Grandparents house. It was a quiet night outside, and we were all gathered around on the furniture in a small quiet circle. My Grandpa Fuller sat in his rocking chair at the head of the circle, holding his worn leather bible. He flipped to the page he was looking for, and began to read aloud the story of Jesus birth. We all quietly listened, the story was read every year and we all knew it by heart. After he finished, he closed the book, and my brother Laken said,

"Now is it time for presents?"My Grandma Fuller smiled, and my mom rolled her green eyes.

"Yes, now you can open your presents." She said with a laugh. Laken, my cousin Tyson, and I all raced to the tree where the presents were stacked. We quickly searched through the brightly wrapped boxes, and bows until we had found the ones with our names written on them. My little brother, Lael's eyes grew wide when he saw the big wrapped box set in front of him.

"This is for me!" He cried out happily. " Thank you thank you, Best Christmas Ever!" everyone laughed out loud as he did a happy dance around the room. Laken had already opened his box to find a new football that was made with bright neon colors, and a new football jersey. Tyson had opened his box, and had gotten new bright yellow shoes. I had gotten new D.I.Y. Minnie Library, and garden sets. Lael was even more excited when he saw the big Duplo Lego zoo set that was sitting in front of him. This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas memories ever.


One of my favorite Christmas memories is, going to grandma and grandpa's house for lunch to open up presents. After we eat our delicious meal that my grandparents and parents make we all gather in the living room. We sit on the couches shoulder to shoulder, some of us on the floor. We pass around the presents we got, and laugh and talk to one another. Once everyone gets their presents we take turns opening them. Each time we open a present we smile and thank the person who gave us the gift. As we open the presents we smell the leftover lunch and laugh at jokes and play around. After all the presents are opened we play games and wrestle with each other. I'm always grateful to have the chance to be with my family on Christmas and open up presents and laugh with my family.


My favorite Christmas memory is one morning on Christmas day. I woke up and right away. I woke up mom and dad. We were all in are matching santa pajamas. 1 hour later were all in the living room opening our stockings. They were full of yummy candy, and I could smell the cinnamon rolls. Then we ate our cinnamon rolls. Oh the delicious taste the soft texture, the cinnamon rolls tasted so good it was magical, it tasted so cinnamony. Then we opened presents. I recall hearing the excited laughing, squealing and the sound of ripping open the gifts. The smell of yummy cookies was so sugary and delicious.


My favorite Christmas was when Aubree and my whole family was there with me. I could smell my little brother Drew. He was 9 years old. I saw him open his Christmas gifts from all of us. The way we opened presents was one at a time in a circle and we were all so excited that we yelled for more. We ate some ham and hot dogs and then we got up from the table and we sat down and watched some Christmas movies and shows. I saw Maggie outside all day with her football that Caiden and Drew threw to her. I also saw my favorite cat named Peaches, I love him become he is fat and cute and free.


My favorite Christmas memory is when my family all gathers up together and does this Christmas tradition we do every year. We get ready in our fancy clothes and then get ready to leave. When we get there we open the door and see a lot of people talking in the kitchen. It is loud. Then we all say Hi to each other and give each other warm hugs. As were done saying Hi we go put our coats down in the room and then find our cousins. After a couple minutes pass by we all gather and pray before we eat our hot yummy food. We then get in line to get a plate of some food and eat at the tables with our loving family. Then when we are all done eating our yummy food we all talk and laugh with each other. As it gets time to open our amazing gifts we all sit at the tables and some on the floor. When we are ready to sing the fun Christmas songs we all sing happy and proudly with one another. Although we are still singing we hear tells loud bells ringing at the cold door, ITS SANTA yelled the little ones. Santa then walks through the door and he calls one by one people's names to get their gifts. When we are done all getting our gifts we all say thank you and open them.


One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my grandparents came over. They came over to have a Christmas with us. When we sat down at the dinner table I could feel the fluffy seat under me. We started and I remember the sound of ripping wrapping paper. After I ripped mine open I could feel how rough the box was.

Inside my box was a brand new watch there was a rush of joy over me. When I was done looking through the rest of the box my brother started we went around the table until all the presents were open. They got up to leave, I hugged my grandpa and he had a rusty kind of smell to him. That is one of my favorite Christmas memories.


My favorite Christmas memory is when right after Santa left my house I woke up to hear the sleigh on my roof moving off. Then I woke up and went out of my room to see presents everywhere. So many presents that it filled my living room and spilled into my hallway. I also smelled the delicious ham in the oven and the cheesy potatoes in the crockpot. So I woke up my mom and dad and they were very surprised. So we went out to the presents were we saw the cookies and milk were eaten which was really cool.


My favorite Christmas memories was when I stayed up all night because I wanted to see who was Santa. When I woke up in the morning and saw the presents I wanted to open them before my mom woke up. Every time when my mom and my stepdad and I was awake they would take pictures of me with my presents open then I would play with my brand new toys. What I did the most when I got my candy I would try to eat all my candy I get on Christmas




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