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Conservation-The Box Blind Phenomenon By: Nick Buseman, Grundy County Conservation Operations Supervisor

January 16, 2020
Reinbeck Courier
Minus 10-degree wind chills and snow-covered ground - a late season deer hunters dream scenario. Looking outside and the future 10-day forecast resembles a spring turkey season not late muzzleloader season. Just a few years back the thought of hunting the late season with bitter cold weather meant struggling to make it in the elements for just a couple hours. Just recently I caught the box blind bug, and it has totally changed my view on late season hunting. Constructing a couple of these wooden structures on trailers has been one of the best investments I have ever made for hunting. Box blind hunting over late season food is great way to see lots of deer and increase your odds on wrapping your tag around an antler of a mature buck. Utilizing these structures keep you out of the elements, lower detection of movement, and decrease scent exposure. For $400-$500 dollars you can construct a box blind that will last for many years. There are plenty of designs available online, but I would take the time and develop your own plan to fit your hunting style. Personally, I prefer to build box blinds on a trailer so I’m able to pull them where I want them; while having the ability to adjust throughout the season. Another benefit to having it on a trailer is so you can pull it into a field that the deer are using. Food is king during this season. With food being of such great value; scouting is very important. Find a field where deer are feeding and you have found the jackpot. Crazy as it sounds but deer seem to be comfortable to a box blind parking in an Ag field. I suppose it resembles an all too familiar grain wagon parked in their feeding spot. Park it where the wind will be in your favor and pray for a cold front to get mature deer on their feet before dark. Sit back with the heater going and watch deer after deer pour out in front of you. Hunting from these structures also provide great opportunities to take younger hunters out during the late season. Climate control and the chance to see a lot of deer provides great excitement for a young hunter. Both of my kids have enjoyed utilizing them during this year’s late season. Young and old both prefer the comfort of hunting in warm weather; so stock up on small propane cans and sit back and enjoy the deer parade. It is not uncommon if placed in a field they are feeding in to see 20-30 deer leave cover and start feeding. With this late season being somewhat of a dud on the cold weather; just hope your shooter buck is feeling hungry and strolls a little close to your warm hunting shack. Good luck and be safe, and start saving for construction supplies to build one of these awesome hunting shacks for next year’s cold seasons.



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