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Conservation-For the Snowmobilers (and the non-snowmobilers, too) By: Kevin Williams, Grundy County Conservation Director

February 6, 2020
Reinbeck Courier
This is America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. But apparently for a few that also seems to mean free to and brave enough to disregard “NO Snowmobiles” signs posted on the Pioneer Trail. How time flies. It has been five years since I wrote a column on the illegal use of snowmobiles on the Pioneer Trail. It appears as though it is time to do so again. So, even as I began to write this column, I thought to myself “Will the right people read this?” Now, some of you are going to say “What’s the big deal?” I can say with certainty that I know the riders of the snowmobiles being ridden on the trail would say that. I don’t know if they read newspapers. The universal symbol for no snowmobiles seems to escape their comprehension. In their limited defense, their snowmobiles can’t read just like some dogs can’t read “must be on leash” when out with their owners for a walk. The same people disregard speed limits or run stop signs because they don’t agree with that either. To those kind and considerate snowmobile riders reading this, I am going to ask that you help “police the ranks” to curtail the use of the trail by these few. That’s right. I do not think that this use is probably by more than a few individuals. Many snowmobilers are enjoying the highway right of way where the snowmobile organization has a snowmobile trail plainly marked for that use. That’s correct. There is a snowmobile trail groomed and marked by a dedicated snowmobile group on the opposite side of Highway 175 along the Pioneer Trail between Morrison and Reinbeck. So it becomes a one bad apple kind of problem and I am asking your help. When you observe snowmobiles using the Pioneer Trail instead of the road right of way, please call our Grundy County Law Enforcement Center at (319)824-6933. To all of the law-abiding snowmobile enthusiasts, I say Thank You and ask for your help in spreading the word. There are just too many things at stake to allow these few bad apples to spoil it for everyone. Thank you. As a follow-up to my weasel column of last week, my “weasel proofing” attempts did not work. It returned Saturday evening and shortened my dove population to only twelve remaining birds. I have removed them to a small cage inside another building. Hopefully, I have those birds to begin anew. I would post a sign on the cage No Weasels Allowed but I know they can’t read.

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